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'Love Island' fans call out Weston for being a bad friend to Zac whose relationship with Elizabeth has been labeled 'boring'

The game of 'Social Media Bingo' on 'Love Island' ruffled a lot of feathers. Zac and Elizabeth were labeled a boring couple, and their close friend Weston agreed to it. Fans, however, were unhappy with the way Weston handled the situation

‘Love Island’ was back on Thursday, July 25, with more twists and drama in the villa. The couples had an opportunity to play a game called "Social Media Bingo", where tweets about the islanders would be read out and the islanders must guess which islander the tweet is about. This was a chance for the islanders to know what America thought of them.

The tweets were a mix of snarky and kind comments. Most of the comments were aimed at Zac and Elizabeth's relationship and Yamen's playboy behavior. Many of the tweets which were read called out Yamen for the way he treated Alana, and Yamen justified himself in response saying he was "keeping it real".

A handful of tweets called Zac and Elizabeth's relationship boring, and one particular tweet subtly implied that Zac had no personality of his own. This triggered the couple so much that after the game, Zac kept whining about it to Elizabeth calling himself a "b***h" for not being able to control Elizabeth. Elizabeth too seemed a wee bit upset at being called "boring", but she pacifies herself by reminding herself that everybody in the villa wants what Zac and she have, so she doesn’t mind if their relationship is labeled boring.

While the girls in the villa generally seemed not to mind Zac and Elizabeth’s relationship, the boys, Weston and Cashel, ranted quite a bit about the couple. They took digs at how Zac was so wrapped up in Elizabeth that he wouldn't step out anywhere without her. Weston remarks about how Zac doesn’t spend as much time with him as he used to before. Cashel straight up calls them "boring".

Zac and Weston (CBS)

Fans didn’t take too kindly to the boys' attitude, including Zac who kept blaming Elizabeth for them being called boring. A fan wrote, "Whoever said Zac and Elizabeth are boring must not know what a true relationship is. Then what the boys said at the end of the show was rude but, I understand.  #LoveIslandUSA @loveislandusa."

Fans called out Weston for being a bad friend. A fan tweeted, "Guys like weston are NOT COOL. support your friends relationship just because they take time to themselves doesn’t mean you should take it personally #loveislandusa." Another fan wrote, "I'm starting to hate weston so much. like i’m sorry your unloyal ass is jealous of zac for having a stable relationship but u don’t have to be such a d**k #loveislandusa."

Fans generally seemed to think that the boys are jealous of Zac and Elizabeth and thats' why everybody is being bitter about it. A fan commented, "#loveislandusa damn ALL these boys are straight jealous of zac & liz."