'Love Island': Will Weston have a chance with Kyra now that he's admitted to having a crush on her?

'Love Island' has gotten very interesting after last night's episode, when Weston admitted to Kyra that he had a crush on her.

                            'Love Island': Will Weston have a chance with Kyra now that he's admitted to having a crush on her?

Monday, July 29, night’s episode of ‘Love Island’ gave us all kinds of the crazy drama. The otherwise mellow show changed gears and gave us a boatload of drama. To kick things off, after Cashel’s departure we see Kyra “grieving”. If you don’t remember, Kyra dumped Cashel for new boy Eric. She immediately began second-guessing her choice and dumps Eric. Poor Eric, he can’t keep up with Kyra’s fickle mind.

Just then, we see three new islanders making their way to the villa. Jered, Anton, and Emily. The new islanders have created enough ruckus to keep us glued to our screens with bated breath waiting for the next recoupling. Emily catches the attention of nearly all islanders including Kyra and Weston’s. In case you forgot, very recently, Weston dumped Katrina for Kelsey, and just as they were beginning to get to know each other, he starts eyeing Emily and justifies his actions by claiming that he has to explore all the options to see if there is a “better connection”.



Now, we have Weston, Kyra and Eric vying for Emily. Just when we thought things couldn’t get more dramatic, we see Weston telling Kyra that he has a crush on her, and didn’t pursue her earlier because of  Cashel. This took us all by surprise. Who knew that this cowboy was such a player! To make things juicier we see the episode end on a cliffhanger with the next episode preview showing Kyra telling Alexandra that she is interested in Weston and is going to pursue him.

Yes, this is all too much to process. Fans too are having difficulty making sense of this new twist in the plot. A fan wrote, “I don’t get Kyra; first you wanted Cashel, but you dumped him then you wanted Eric, but you’re ignoring him for the new girl now it’s Weston. Make up your mind girl. #LoveIslandUSA”.

Fans seem very annoyed with both Kyra and Weston for being so confused and indecisive about what they want. Another fan commented, “uhhhh weston whattt?? flirting with emily and telling kyra you’ve always had a crush on her. guys, we have a new PLAYER on the island #LoveIslandUSA”. “What! now Kyra wants Weston what the Hell she doesn't know what she wants #LoveIslandUSA”, shared another fan. A fan aptly summed up this new twist with, “Well at least two players will have each other 🙄 #westonandkyra #LoveIslandUSA”.

What do you think will happen in next recoupling? Will Weston and Kyra couple up? You can watch 'Love Island' on CBS and CBS All Access weekdays at 8 pm ET/PT.

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