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'Love is Blind' Season 3: Is Cole Barnett's attraction to Zanab Jaffrey purely physical?

Cole Barnett could not stop gushing over Zanab Jaffrey's looks when they met but once her make-up came off, the compliments also disappeared
'Love is Blind' Season 3 couple Zanab Jaffrey and Cole Barnett are together, but, Cole's attraction might just be physical (zanabjaffrey, colebrennanbarnett/Instagram)
'Love is Blind' Season 3 couple Zanab Jaffrey and Cole Barnett are together, but, Cole's attraction might just be physical (zanabjaffrey, colebrennanbarnett/Instagram)

Contains spoilers for 'Love Is Blind' Season 3

Netflix's dating reality show 'Love is Blind' recently dropped its third season. Among the 15 men and 15 women competing, only five of them have managed to become couples. According to the recently released episodes, the hottest boy of all in the show is Cole Barnett. 

Even though the 27-year-old seems to be too choosy, most of them women on the show still want him. In the introduction clip of 'Love is Blind', the real-estate agent opened up about the kind of woman he is attracted to. Cole said that those who can't make him laugh, can't banter, drink beer and are nurses are not his type. Ever since the premiere of the episode, Cole was seen explaining to want physical beauty as well in his life partner. Cole says that his wife needs to "have a nice butt." Very soon, he was drawn to Zanab Jaffrey in the dating show. the duo met for the first time after getting engaged. And all Cole could talk about after meeting Zanab was her appearance.


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Is Cole only physically attracted to Zanab?

Cole was amazed by Zanab's looks when he met her for the first time. He confessed on the show that Zanab "had bigger b***s" than he expected. Furthermore, he kept talking about how beautiful she was and claiming that she should be in a magazine. Instead of talking about emotions and other things, Cole and Zanab seemed to focus more on physical attraction. 


Zanab seemed to be enjoying the compliments at first. However, thing became cringey when Cole commented about her make-up free appearance. On their first night together, during their nigh time routine, Zanab was seen removing her makeup. When she came to bed after that, Cole exclaimed, "You look like a totally different person now. He also commented that she had too many freckles. Zanab was taken aback by his statements and kept asking him what he meant. However, a roll in the hay later made all the bitterness go away, for now. 

In the morning, Zanab felt Cole giving her the silent treatment. Cole and Zanab have an age difference of five with the former being older and more mature. She seems to have clear and firm views while Cole is the exact opposite, a chill, laid back guy. Further in the episode, we see Vole claiming that Zanab was being "passive-aggressive." He even talked about it with other male contestants on the show. He told other contestants that he was physical sttracted to Zanab but an emotional connection was lacking. You'll have to keep watching to know if the couple stay together. 

Catch 'Love is Blind' Season 3 on Netflix. The upcoming episodes are set to release on October 26.