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Do Netflix's 'Love is Blind' cast members get paid? Love or money, here's what draws singles to the show

Unlike other reality shows, Netflix does not provide a grand prixe money to 'Love is Blind' contestants
'Love is Blind' Season 3 (Netflix)
'Love is Blind' Season 3 (Netflix)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: 'Love is Blind' Season 3 is almost on the edge! The show will once again bring a set of singles. These singles will try Netflix's new way of dating. The contestants will find love and get engaged sight unseen. After giving the commitment, the couple gets the chance to see each other and further test their relationship whether it's worth getting married into.

Nick and Vanessa Lachey will return to the show as the hosts. As usual, 30 singles, including men and women living in different sections of the house, communicate with each other through pods. However, not all of them manage to go forward in the show. Only a few contestants are able to spark the connection and move ahead in the show with their relationship. Well, the real struggle of the couples starts after the engagement. In the end, we get to see whether the couple chooses to stay married or decides to call off their engagement. With 'Love is Blind' Season 3 release being on the verge, fans wonder how much Netflix pays the contestants to find their love on reality TV. Keep reading to know.


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How much is 'Love is Bling' cast members get paid?

Unlike other reality shows, 'Love is Blind' does not provide grand prize money to its winners. Therefore, all the singles who come to the show have almost no monetary motivation other than the salary they are provided. According to the recent lawsuit filed against the show by Season 2 contestant Jeremy Hartwell, Netflix pays $1,000 a week, up to $8,000 depending upon the length of the show. Moreover, US Magazine reports a lawsuit claiming that the cast members work for more than twenty hours a week. And, the wage rate is as little as $7.14 per hour, way low than the minimum wage in California of $15 per hour.

If the claims filed in the lawsuit are considered to be true then the cast members get minimal income from the show. However, they can not be dependent only on the show's income. Therefore, most of the single that is featured in the show are working people who either already have a settled life or are looking forward to achieving their dream career. Well, the only thing the cast members of 'Love is Blind' gets is exposure to the reality world and sometimes if their luck is too good they even find the love of their life that lasts long.

'Love is Blind' Season 3 is scheduled to premiere on October 19 on Netflix.