Meet 'NCIS Hawai'i' cast from Vanessa Lachey to Jason Antoon in CBS spin-off

The latest spin-off from the NCIS franchise also focuses on a female agent, breaking away from the men-centric approach

                            Meet 'NCIS Hawai'i' cast from Vanessa Lachey to Jason Antoon in CBS spin-off
Yasmine Al-Bustami (L), Vanessa Lachey and Jason Antoon will be a part of 'NCIS Hawai'i' (Getty Images)

'NCIS Hawai'i' is the brand new series on the block from the 'NCIS' franchise. With 'New Orleans' shelved, the spin-off will join 'NCIS: Los Angeles' and 'NCIS'. Both shows are pretty much veterans and 'Hawai'i' will hope to create the same magic the other two shows from the roster did. 

The fact that it focuses on a female agent, breaking away from the men-centric approach in the previous series, has already garnered ample attention ahead of the show's release on September 20. From what we have seen so far, the cast looks pretty impressive with the additions of known names in Vanessa Lachey, Noah Miller, and Jason Antoon. Before we discuss the cast, here are some shows that are worth the watch while you wait for 'Hawai'i': 'Chicago PD', 'MacGyver' and 'Magnum P.I.'


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Vanessa Lachey as Jane Tennant


The 'Love is Blind' co-host is all set to play the character, who is described as a single mother, and a "keen" investigator. She starred in several top shows including 'BH90210', 'CSI: NY', 'Disaster Movie' and in 'Once Upon a Main Street'. Taking to Instagram, she described her character as "a badass with a warm heart." Talking to Outsider, Lachey said she hoped for her role to be an inspiration.

"I am the first female lead of the NCIS franchise, and I don't take that lightly. I'm excited to bring a different layer to this role and hopefully inspire this next generation of young girls and women," she said.

Yasmin Al-Bustami as Luci


Yasmine Al-Bustami plays Luci, a member of Jane's team and her character is described as 'confident' and 'youthful'. Variety noted that her character was the sort that would always be "eager to be the first one to find that key piece of evidence, create a workaround in the bureaucracy, or tackle a suspect down a flight of stairs."

Some of her recent works include 'The Originals' and the 'SWAT', the CBS reboot of the police action-drama series.

Jason Antoon as Ernie

Jason Antoon (Getty Images)

Antoon's Ernie is the cyber intelligence specialist as Variety described his character as "a polyglot with a keen mind for technology, history, literature and all things Hawaiian. He’s an essential component of the team, who can trace an anonymous ip address or profile a suspect using only their social media footprint. Ernie doesn’t have family on the island so he’s invited himself to join his Team’s families."

Antoon has previously starred in 'Claws'. 'Modern Family' and 'Sex and the City'.

'NCIS: Hawai’i' premieres on Monday, September 20 at 10 pm ET on CBS.

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