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‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3: Fans slam Alex Alfia’s friends and family, call them ‘pushy’ and ‘elitist’

When Alexa Alfia's friends met Brennon Lemieux, they said that they thought he was one of the 'cameramen'
Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux (R) with Alexa's father and grandfather (L) in 'Love Is Blind' Season 3 (Netflix)
Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux (R) with Alexa's father and grandfather (L) in 'Love Is Blind' Season 3 (Netflix)

Spoilers for ‘Love is Blind’ Season 3

DALLAS, TEXAS: It seems ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 barely has wholesome relationships. Most of the couples on the Netflix dating show seem to be experiencing some form of trouble in paradise as they make fans anxious and doubtful whether or not these couples will say “I do” during D-day. But there is one couple that most fans are certain is the end game. And that’s Alexa Alfia and her fiance Brennon Lemieux. The two had an instant connection in the pods, which bloomed into one of the most wholesome relationships on the show.

Brennon is also considered one of the only good guys by fans, apart from 'Sikiru' SK, on the show. But after SK dumped Raven Ross, Brenon and Alexa’s relationship seems to be the only one likely to make it past D-day. In the recent episodes, the couples met up with each other’s friends and family. Alexa had already met Brennon’s family in the previous episodes, so this time, Brennon met his fiance’s friends. And fans found the meeting to be quite dubious. While Alexa expressed that she wanted her friends to like him, her friends said they thought Brennon looked like “one of the camera guys.” They also noted that they did not expect someone like Brennon to be with Alexa considering Alexa’s type, and called him conservative. There was also quite a lot of pressure on the cowboy as his fiancee’s mates grilled him with rapid-fire questions.


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Alexa Alfia and her fiance Brennon Lemieux (Netflix)
Alexa Alfia and her fiance Brennon Lemieux (Netflix)

While the meeting looked to have been tense, and anyone else would’ve probably melted into liquid by the end of it, Brennon seemed to be holding his ground pretty well. He answered every question with complete assurance and told them he was absolutely certain of Alexa. It is not the first time someone from his fiancee’s side has grilled him in such a way. When Brennon met with Alexa’s family, a similar situation arose as her father and siblings questioned everything about him. Brennon was even faced with the do’s and don’t of Judaism by Alexa’s grandfather, who told him that it’s serious business marrying into a Jewish family and that their “kids gonna be Jewish.” His fiancee’s father also told Brennon that there would also be a prenup he would have to sign as part of their custom, which states that he would take care of Alexa financially and provide her with shelter and food even if the duo were to divorce.

Fans seem to think Alexa’s friends and family are putting too much pressure on her fiance while also repeatedly disrespecting him. Many have expressed their opinion about the couple on Twitter. A fan wrote, “Not Alexa’s friends saying they thought Brennon was a random cameramam because of his looks, when their friend’s insecurities throughout the pods was her looks. You start to wonder if these friends really know each other.” Another noted her friends’ distrust of Brennon, writing, “Alexa’s friends were hoping Brennan would say something f’d up. when he didn’t, they were mad. lol #LoveIsBlind.” One viewer called out the “classist” behaviour by tweeting, “Alexa’s friends and family (her too I’m sure) are classist and give me elitist vibes.” A fan pointed out that Alexa does not defend Brennon, penning, “Brennon is so sweet! idek if Alexa all the way deserves him cuz she really *has* let her friends & fam kinda stomp on him.” At the same time, one stated, “Dang. Alexa’s friends are doing way too much on Brennon. Can the man get one word in, please??” One viewer wrote, “alexa’s friends are exhausting........” A fan added, “Alexa’s friends were a bit much but I know they’re trying to look out for her.” And one fan expressed distaste for Alexa, writing, “I changed my mind, Alexa is a mean girl & I don’t like her or her pushy friends.”









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