What is Lou Dobbs' net worth? #LouDobbsHaiku trends as Fox Business abruptly cancels high-rated talk show

Dobbs' style of controversial commentary has landed Fox Business Network in a soup now

                            What is Lou Dobbs' net worth? #LouDobbsHaiku trends as Fox Business abruptly cancels high-rated talk show
Fox News Media has decided to cancel Lou Dobbs' flagship show 'Lou Dobbs Tonight', reportedly the highest-rated program on Fox Business Network (Getty Images)

Fox News Media has decided to cancel 'Lou Dobbs Tonight' – reportedly the highest-rated program on Fox Business Network. Lou Dobbs has become a household name for all viewers after the anchor joined FBN a decade ago. While Fox News officially cites a usual change in program formats post-election as the reason, the internet believes there is more to the story. 

What is Lou Dobbs's net worth?

Lou Dobbs has been a prominent anchor at Fox News for the past 10 years, since joining the network in 2011. He started his career at CNN in 1980 and worked there till 1999. After another stint at CNN post rejoining in 2001, Dobbs left again in 2009 when his opinions about immigration were dubbed to be "hard-line" by the channel. 

Lou Dobbs (R) and Debi Segura arrive for the State Dinner at The White House in 2019 (Getty Images)


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At FBN, Dobbs hosted 'Lou Dobbs Tonight', a show which gained popularity among Republican supporters. Between 5 pm and 7 pm daily, the audience would be hooked on to Dobbs's show on Fox Business Network, where he had more than often entertained controversial commentary.

Dobbs brought up unfounded conspiracy theories, especially after Donald Trump's induction into Presidency in 2016. In December 2020, after the Presidential election results were declared, Dobbs ran a dubious segment alleging fraud in the elections. 

However, despite the controversy, Dobbs had managed to not only sustain but also influence thousand of viewers with his show. However, his tendency of controversial commentary has landed FBN in a soup now. Last week, Smartmatic, a company that was mentioned by Dobbs a few times during his show, filed a $2.7 billion lawsuit against Fox Corp. The lawsuit also mentioned Dobbs's name. 

Lou Dobbs ( Getty Images)

Dobbs is presently estimated to have a net worth of $20 million, while his latest salary at FBN is believed to be around $5 million.

FBN dubs the lawsuit as 'meritless'

A spokesperson from Fox told The Hollywood Reporter that the channel is committed to providing the full context of every story and in-depth reporting, adding that the network is proud of their 2020 election coverage. They refuted the lawsuit as 'meritless' and did not associate it to be the reason for the cancellation of Dobbs's show. 

Presently, a show called 'Fox Business Tonight' hosted by Jackie DeAngelis and David Asman on separate days of the week, from 5 pm to 7 pm, will replace Dobbs show till any other new program is set to be announced. 

Reactions from the internet

Most of the internet users have rejoiced in Fox News Media's decision to cancel Lou Dobbs. "Lou Dobbs' firing shows Fox News knows at least one thing: Making millions off Donald Trump's lies is not worth the billions you get sued for it. How about Hannity next?," asked Chip Franklin. 


A hilarious trend called Lou Dobbs Haiku has also been spotted on Twitter. 

"Lou Dobbs out at Fox
Storm clouds destroyed by fair winds
American joy


"Haiku of the Day - Morning fog sits low/Lower than the Balloon Boy/Lou Dobbs will be pissed," another showed off their skills. 


Lou Dobbs packs his desk
Tender farewell to Rupert
But lawsuit remains," wrote another.


Some other reactions were also spotted. "Lou Dobbs ‘s got No Jobbs," tweeted Star Trek actor George Takei. 


Another user took a sardonic dig at the FBN anchor. "Lou Dobbs lost his show because his only viewer lost his power."