Lottie Moss goes topless to promote self-care for breasts: 'Take care of your boobies'

Moss's sizzling reminder comes shortly after she announced joining the popular adult entertainment site OnlyFans

                            Lottie Moss goes topless to promote self-care for breasts: 'Take care of your boobies'
Lottie Moss in one of her mirror selfies (Instagram: @lottiemossxo)

British model Lottie Moss might be famous as Kate Moss's 'rebellious' sister, but there's no denying that social media knows her for her enviable physique. And she doesn't shy away from showing off her assets either! Known for her tiny bikinis and scorching hot mirror selfies, Moss recently blessed her Instagram followers with a topless photo. Urging everybody to be nice to their "boobies", the 23-year-old model left temperatures racing as she decided to complete her ensemble with silk shorts, a teasing pout, and what looked like pink clay mask in heart shapes covering her nipples.

Moss's sizzling reminder for self care for breasts comes shortly after the model announced she has joined the popular paid subscription adult entertainment site, OnlyFans. Moss joined the platform after making a fortune selling naked photos online for $1380. At the time she had also shared that she would be selling her underwear on the website to a few lucky clients.  Moss joined the league of mainstream celebrities like Madonna, Bella Thorne, Cardi B, Michael B Jordan and Ryan Kelley - who all have made appearances on the website.


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Sticking to her Instagram roots, Moss keeps getting candid with her followers, and this time, she perked things up with a little self care reminder. In her new photo, Moss can be seen pouting at the mirror, baring all of herself, sans her nipples which she hides with what her hashtags called Booby Tape clay mask, in heart shapes. Sharing the racy snap to her 360,000 followers on Tuesday, June 29, Moss kept the caption short and crisp. "Be nice 2 ur boobies! They need self care too," without even giving her followers a day to recover from previous day's bikini TikTok she had reshared on Instagram from a luxury Greek hotel.

Dancing and mimicking popular TikToks and memes that have become viral on the video sharing platform, Moss looked sensational in the two piece swimsuit with a sexy cut out detailing. She completed the ensemble with chic wraparound ties and chose to flash her underboob as she danced. With two gold chains accessorizing the look to the fullest, she mimed a scene from the American slasher horror 'Scream Queens'. The dialogue saw her say to the camera, "You're an awful person", and then adding: "Maybe, but I am rich and I am pretty so it doesn't really matter." The other video saw Moss mimic Reese Witherspoon's iconic Elle Woods from the romcom 'Legally Blonde', as the model said to the camera: "So you're breaking up with me? Because I'm too blonde?" The video then shows her breaking into a seductive dance routine.


Moss's last topless mirror selfie on Instagram was posted a month ago. The model sported her flaming red tresses in wet slicks as she posed with one arm holding the phone, and the other held across her chest. A giant ring on her finger, a cross-pendant on her chest, and eyebrows bleached to the fullest, Moss captioned the photo: "Hey, where did ur eyebrows go?"