Is Lorde's 'Solar Power' a cover of George Michael's 'Freedom '90'?

'Lorde looks incredible but this Solar Power gig is just the woman version of Freedom! by George Michael,' tweeted a fan

                            Is Lorde's 'Solar Power' a cover of George Michael's 'Freedom '90'?
Lorde (C) seen in a glimpse from the 'Solar Power' music video (YouTube/Lorde)

In keeping with the summer solstice singer Lorde surprise-dropped her new single 'Solar Power' which she had announced just a day before on June 9. It is all beaches, ocean and sun in Lorde's new music video. Fans, who have not been on a holiday for over a year now due to the pandemic, are celebrating the advent of summer with her new video, which sounds uncannily similar to the George Michael track 'Freedom! '90'. 

While some are thanking Lorde for paying a beautiful 'tribute' to George Michael, others are quite skeptical about the inspiration. They have even dubbed the music to be unoriginal and heavily inspired. Nevertheless, the general consensus of Lorde fans was more towards the positive as they enjoyed the singer's first release in four years. "So lorde's new song is a love letter to george michael and it is v. good," tweeted actor and musician Alex Abbad. 


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George Michael, Primal Scream, Eagles or Kate Bush? 

While Michael was mentioned by most, some drew the song's similarity with '7 Bridges Road' by Eagles. Even 'Loaded' and 'Come Together' by Primal Scream and Kate Bush was mentioned by a few. Actress Lauren O'Neill tweeted, "For all the talk about ~referencing~ in music lately I just can’t tell you how much I love how Lorde does it – George Michael, Primal Scream, and of course Kate Bush all in one song. feels so appreciative but so fresh as well. ahh!!"

"Me: Everyone talking about how the new Lorde sounds like George Michael when the outro melody is "7 Bridges Road" by the Eagles. Them: Thank you, drive through," tweeted film director Daniel Ralston. 

Meanwhile, journalist Annie Zaleski said, "Gonna need aa mashup of Lorde's "Solar Power" with Primal Scream's "Loaded" for maximum summer bliss."

"Lorde said hello its Moana meets Primal Scream time," felt a fan.








However, the song received the maximum comparison with Michael's 'Freedom! '90' with almost every other person reiterating the same. Some comparisons with Michael's 'Faith' were also spotted on Twitter. "I’m so old the Lorde song sounds like a cover of George Michael - Freedom ‘90," author Miles Klee joked. PR veteran Judy Miller Silverman tweeted, "Lorde giving me George Michael Freedom vibes. Try singing it over the opening."

"Lorde's new song is Freedom by George Michael," Podcaster Antonia Cereijido directly asserted.






There was criticism about the 'inspiration' also. "Lorde and Jack Antonoff should have at least changed the key when they re-made George Michael's "Faith', tweeted a fan.

Another wrote, "Lorde looks incredible but this Solar Power gig is just the woman version of Freedom! by George Michael. i still like it, but i was hoping for something more original. :("

A third fan joked with a meme captioned "George Michael’s estate hearing the Lorde’s new song." 






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