Where is Lorde? Fans lose it as she trends on Twitter for nothing, say it hurts she hasn't made music since 2017

Where is Lorde? Fans lose it as she trends on Twitter for nothing, say it hurts she hasn't made music since 2017
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Is Lorde returning? If it was up to the fans, she'd be back by now making music, seeing how everyone on Twitter is eager to listen to new music by the 'Royals' hit-maker. Strangely enough, the trending hashtags #Lorde and #LordeIsComing left fans confused on Twitter. Many die-hard fans of the 23-year-old singer believed that Lorde is making a comeback.

One fan who believed the trending hashtags to be true only to find out that Lorde isn't returning with new music, tweeted, "She didnโ€™t! LORDE PLEASE COME BACK WE DONโ€™T KNOW WHAT WEโ€™RE DOING! WE NEED YOU!" while another fan, confused by the trends, said, "I JUST WOKE UP AND WTF IS THIS EMOJI?!!! #Lorde #L3 ?!!! ARE YOU FINALLY HERE OH MY GOD MY BRAIN IT HURTS."



Twitter handle @PopCrave, explaining the trending hashtags, wrote, "#lordeiscoming!!! #L3 #Lorde has been trending since yesterday. Apparently, the artist is making her third arrival to Earth." Another fan, wishing the trends to be true, tweeted, "Apparently #lorde is preparing us for new music my life is literally complete."



One fan, noting how Ariana Grande's return is coinciding with Lorde's, tweeted, "So #/arianaiscoming is trending WITH #Lorde. OMG IS @lorde COMING BACK?? PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE!" before quickly realizing this isn't the case and saying, "Ok. first, that was fake. second, WHY. WHY DID Y'ALL TREND THAT -- but whatever she's doing rn, i hope she's fine. luv & miss u queen."



Similarly, another excited Lorde fan, who first tweeted, "Someone please tell me if #lorde and #L3 are jokes i donโ€™t know what to believe anymore," soon realized the truth and said, "update itโ€™s a joke."



Where is Lorde?

Many fans have been wondering where Lorde disappeared. One fan, asking this very question, wrote, "Lorde just started playing on one of my old playlists and it got me wondering...where'd she go?"


The New Zealand born singer has released two studio albums till date โ€” 2013's 'Pure Heroin' and 2017's 'Melodrama'. While the former reached number three on the Billboard 200, 'Melodrama' debuted at the top of the chart. Lorde was also featured on 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1' soundtrack lending vocals on the tracks 'Meltdown' featuring Stromae, Pusha T, Q-Tip and Haim; 'Yellow Flicker Beat', 'Flicker (Kanye West Rework)' and 'Ladder Song'.

Back in 2018, Lorde cleared her social media accounts of all posts except two tweets and three pictures on Instagram. Many fans, following Lorde's clearing of her social media accounts, speculated the arrival of a new album as artists such as Ed Sheeran, The 1975 and The Weeknd have all cleared their social media accounts before the release of a new project. But, even after two years since the move, there has been no news about any new song or album by the 'Green Light' singer.

Of the two remaining Lorde's tweets reads, "A choir, to calm helplessness and absence / A choir of glasses, of nocturnal tunes," while the second is as follows, "Nothing was moving yet on the facades of palaces. The water was still. I walked... and jewels looked on, and wings arose noiselessly."



Both the above tweets are from November 2017 and quote French poet Arthur Rimbaud. The three remaining Instagram posts on Lorde's profile are as follows: picture of the words "trust me" scribbled across a black screen, an image of a crowd from Guy Debord's work on Marxist critical theory called 'The Society of the Spectacle', and a blurry shot of Lorde during a concert in New York City.

As of now, there's no time-line of when Lorde might be appearing, but, given how she's been trending, it's clear that fans want her back. Just like this fan inquired: "@freakmonroe WHY DID YOU TWEET 'AAAAAAAHHH #LORDE #L3' WHAT'S THE TEA SIS WHAT'S UP I'M HAVING A HEART ATTACK."


More fans asked similar questions, wanting to know if the trends were just a hoax. One fan tweeted, "#LordeIsComing PAUSE THAT WHAT HAPPENED," only to get back a reply saying, "she isnt coming."



Calling the entire thing for what it is, a Lorde admirer said, "if itโ€™s a fake news iโ€™m gonna f**k s**t up #Lorde #L3 #LordeIsComing."


Lorde has released no new music since 2017. Her last single to chart in the US was 'Homemade Dynamite' featuring Khalid, Post Malone and SZA. As a featured artist, Lorde last collaborated with electronic music duo Disclosure for the single 'Magnets'. In 2017, she was seen on MTV Unplugged with Jack Antonoff's band Bleachers performing the song 'Hate that You Know Me'. Despite Lorde's comeback being unclear, we hope it happens soon!

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