Lizzo says she's open to Playboy modelling, reveals her 'coochie' piercing

Lizzo says she's open to Playboy modelling, reveals her 'coochie' piercing
Lizzo ready for her sexy Playboy shoot (Instagram/ Lizzo(L)/TikTok/Lizzo(R))

Lizzo reveals she has a 'coochie' piercing and is ready to do her own Playboy series.

On Saturday, February 12 Lizzo was one of the celebs partying at Drake’s Super Bowl weekend concert in West Hollywood, in which she got a little bold and opened up about her new piercing, as she uploaded a TikTok video from a piercing party she threw a day before.


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In an interview with TMZ, the 33-year-old singer revealed her plans about doing a playboy series, “I LOVE Playboy!,” she added. “Yeah, I’ll do it!” When asked about her piercings at the party, Lizoo exclaimed with joy and replied to the cameraman, “I never thought I’d be this girl!”

“You cаn’t see my coochie, so I cаn’t show you,“ she talked about getting her coochie pierced. “I’m аfrаid I’m not going to be able to show you аnything!” However, the singer refused to show her piercing, “I cаn’t show TMZ my pu–y!”

Lizzo’s wanted to do something memorable for her team, who have been working hard lately her TikTok footage posted by TMZ, reveals her glitzy piercing party in which the star singer can spot getting an ear piercing as she gets excited about her ‘coochie’ piercing.  



Lizzo also posted a short clip today talking about her self–loveView journey, she captioned the post, “Black is beautiful. And now thanks to my partners at @googlepixel, camera technology can celebrate and show all of the skin tones that make every single one of us beautiful. If you love me, you love all of me. My body. My skin. My story. #seenonpixel.”



The singer has been advocating self-love on her social platforms a few days back the celebrity posted her nude pictures and captioned it, “If you love me… you love all of me. You don't get to pick and choose. We should be unconditionally loving of one another, starting with being unconditionally loving to ourselves. Take a moment today and think about the conditions we hold so tightly to that keep us from the freedom of true love. Do you really wanna be so tightly wound? Free yourself in love. You deserve it. “

Checkout Lizzo’s Instagram post.



Fashion Instagram page @theshaderoom posted Lizzo’s look from the event. They captioned the image: “Verified#TSRFashion: #Lizzo, #Beyonce, #Gunna & #Quavo show off their lewks for the Super Bowl 🔥#Roommates on a scale of 1-10,10 being the highest, who looked the best?! (SWIPE).”



Since Super Bowl 27 in Pasadena, The Super Bowl made a grand return to the Los Angeles area for the first time. Hollywood's biggest names Drake, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus would be performing at events following the games in the state-of-the-art stadium.

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