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Who is Tammie Jackson? 'Little Women: Atlanta' fans feel sorry for Ashley 'Minnie' Ross's mother after her death

When fans saw how gracefully and strongly Tammie was handling the situation, they couldn't help but shower her with praises
Ashley 'Minnie' Ross and Tammie Jackson from 'Little Women: Atlanta' (Lifetime)
Ashley 'Minnie' Ross and Tammie Jackson from 'Little Women: Atlanta' (Lifetime)

Although 'Little Women: Atlanta' fans knew that the ongoing Season 6 of the popular reality show would be addressing the tragic death of cast member Ashley "Minnie" Ross, they were still not prepared for the sadness of heartbreak they would experience watching the episode. The latest episode (episode 5) of 'Little Women: Atlanta' featured all the cast members and Minnie's mother learning about the death of the reality star in a car crash. The episode aptly titled 'A Life Worth Celebrating' saw all the cast members put their differences aside and come together to honor and celebrate Minnie's life. 

The cast members Shirlene "Ms. Juicy" King Pearson, Tiffany "Monie" Cashette, Abira Green and Amanda, and Andrea Salinas, alongside Minnie's mother, Tammie Jackson, threw a memorial to celebrate and honor Minnie's life. On the show, we have often got glimpses of Minnie's extremely close bond with her mother, Tammie. The mother-daughter share a very strong bond like close friends. In case, you're curious to know more about Tammie, read on to know all about her. 


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Who is Tammie Jackson?

We were first introduced to Tammie on 'Little Women: Atlanta' as her daughter/ cast member- Minnie's mother and close friend. Minnie often relied on her mother for advice and emotional support, so we got to learn quite a bit about Tammie despite her not being the main cast member on the show. Anybody who has watched the show might know that Minnie meant the world to Tammie and both of them were very fiercely protective about each other.

Tammie, a native of Chattanooga, Tennessee, had Minnie when she was just 18. She raised her daughter as a single mother. Growing up, when Minnie used to often get bullied by others owing to her condition, Tammie often had to step in to protect her daughter. Tammie never stopped standing up for Minnie. On the show, we saw Tammie get into a very ugly fight with Juicy. When Juicy questioned Minnie's pregnancy claims, Tammie stepped in and threw a bowl of chicken wings on Juicy's head and confronted her for bullying her daughter. 

Tammie Jackson leaves a message for her daughter, Ashley "Minnie" Ross in the lantern (Lifetime)

So, when fans watched Tammie learning about her daughter's death and attend her memorial, they were heartbroken and couldn't even imagine the pain that the mother must be undergoing.  A fan tweeted, "I thought I had prepared myself mentally for tonight's episode of #LittleWomenAtlanta with Minnie's memorial...NOPE! I can't imagine what poor Miss Tammie feels..breaks my heart! @lifetimetv." Another fan wrote, "Watching #LittleWomenAtlanta and the celebration of Minnie. My heart goes out to all who mourn her, especially her mother, Tammie #RIPMsMinnie thank you for sharing." "Minnie and Tammie were each other’s world, I cannot imagine. God bless her! This is hard to watch. #littlewomenatlanta," commented a fan.




Fans were also glad to see Tammie and Juicy making up. Tammie apologized to Juicy on her daughter's behalf, to ensure that there was no bad blood between them anymore. Fans were extremely touched to see the beautiful moment exchanged between both the ladies. A fan expressed, "I’m so glad Tammie apologized to Juicy for throwing them wings on her over a lie #LittleWomenATL #LittleWomenAtlanta." "#LittleWomenAtlanta - Mrs. Tammie Apologizing to Mrs. Juicy...was EVERYTHANG!!!!," shared a fan. "I’m so happy Momma Tammie and Juicy are good. This apology scene was beautiful. #LittleWomenAtlanta," echoed a fan.




All the ladies shared some very kind and loving words about Minnie at the memorial, including Juicy. Juicy and Minnie have always had a very rocky relationship and were constantly seen fighting against each other. But Juicy decided to put their disagreements aside and truly honor her co-star's life. During the memorial, Juicy lit a candle in Minnie's memory, and expressed how she would be missed by everybody especially her, "We have a bittersweet love, a lot of people know, cause we're arguing one minute, and we'll call each other the next." 

Ms. Juicy pays her tribute to Ashley "Minnie" Ross (Lifetime)

"I'm not going to have anybody to argue with no more. I'm not going to have that person that will cuss you out, looks you straight in the face and then says, 'Come on, let's go have a drink,' you know?" she added. Juicy surprised everybody when she declared that she would miss her co-star's smile the most. "That smile that she had, even if she didn't feel good, she still put that smile on her face and it would light up the whole entire room. It's still hard to believe that she's not physically here with us,"Juicy continued. "But I know she always will be here in spirit. Minnie, I'm going to miss you so much, more than anybody would ever know and could imagine."

Monie encouraged the ladies to write a message for Minnie and drop it in a lantern she brought so that it could be released in the water and continue to sail with the late reality star's memories. Minnie's mother Tammie got very emotional while writing a message for her daughter, but still managed to come up with a very beautiful and heartwarming message. She wrote, "Mommy misses and loves you so much. Please watch over me, because I'm so lost without you. Until we meet again, my love."
 'Little Women: Atlanta' airs every Friday on Lifetime.