Little Mix vs Jesy Nelson: Are ‘Cut You Off’ lyrics a diss at former member?

It is reported that ‘Cut You Off’ from album ‘Between Us’ comes with scathing lyrics that might make the situation between the band and Nelson worse

                            Little Mix vs Jesy Nelson: Are ‘Cut You Off’ lyrics a diss at former member?
Little Mix and Jesy Nelson (Photos by [email protected]/Joe Maher/Getty Images

The spat between Little Mix and their former member Jesy Nelson seems to be getting nastier as according to the latest reports the band is apparently planning to diss the singer with their recently announced track called ‘Cut You Off’.  It is being rumored that the members namely Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Perrie Edwards, and Jade Thirlwall have penned down lyrics that might be aiming at Jesy Nelson’s decision to opt for a solo career.

According to The Sun, the bonus track ‘Cut You Off’ from the group’s greatest hits album ‘Between Us’ comes with scathing lyrics that might further make the situation between the two worse. According to the publication, the lyrics suggest that the trio doesn’t believe Jesy’s reasons for quitting the group and wonders if she is really happy after embarking on a solo journey.  Jesy Nelson, recently dropped her debut solo song with Nicki Minaj called ‘Boyz’ that peaked at number four on the UK charts.
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Is Little Mix planning to diss Jesy Nelson on upcoming track?

According to The Sun, Leigh-Anne on the first verse croons, “Everyone's got a limit, really saw my life with you in it/ So you walked right out (Walked right out)/ Only now, when I look back/ Got me picking up on the red flags/ Turn them all white now (All white now).” Jade then hops onto the pre-chorus and continues the diss, “Cause you don't wanna listen/ You got me so triggered/ Can't be mad about it, when you handed me the scissors/ Everyone's got a limit, really pushed me there, now I've hit it/ But I cut you off (Cut you off).”

Perrie jumps on the chorus and apparently slams Jesy while singing, “Someone tell me how/ How did we get here?/ Nothing lasts forever, but I really thought we could/ I know there'll be tears/ But it's worth a broken heart/ If I can't protect my energy, I gotta cut you off.” In the second verse, Leigh comes back while asking Jesy, “Don't think I believe ya/ Is grass out there really greener?/ Are you happy now? (Are you happy now?)/ I know you think that you are all that/ I would be so sweet when you crawl back/ It's too late now (Too late now).” The song ‘Cut You Off’ which is part of their new project is expected to hit the Internet on Friday, November 12, 2021.


What is Jesy Nelson and Little Mix beef all about?

Jesy Nelson had quit Little Mix in December 2020 citing mental health issues. She then most recently dropped her debut solo single ‘Boyz’ for which she got accused of blackfishing. It was then reported that the members of Little Mix had unfollowed Jesy after the song’s release when Leigh-Anne claimed that it was Jesy who blocked them and not the other way round.

Leigh-Anne reportedly divulged these details while replying to TikToker named NoHun who then shared a screenshot on Twitter where the former dubbed Jesy as a “horrible person.” However, the credibility of the screenshot has not been verified yet. Nicki Minaj jumped into the fray intending to extend her support to Jesy. Nicki claimed that Leigh-Anne was a clown and the female emcee had also deleted a comment on TikTok where she called Anne’s fans “bully.”  Jesy, on the other hand, has been very open about her mental health issues and the trauma she faced when she was part of the group.