Jesy Nelson ft Nicki Minaj ‘Boyz’ Fan Review: A corny 'culture vulture mess'

Iconic hip-hop producer and entrepreneur P Diddy made a guest appearance in the stunning music video of ‘Boyz’

                            Jesy Nelson ft Nicki Minaj ‘Boyz’ Fan Review: A corny 'culture vulture mess'
Jesy Nelson and Nicki Minaj in a still from 'Boyz' ([email protected])

After a wait of almost a year, the former Little Mix member Jesy Nelson finally dropped her solo debut single called ‘Boyz’. The British crooner was in the news all along after quitting her all-girl squad back in December 2020 citing mental health issues. For her very first solo single, Jesy recruited the Queen of Rap- Nicki Minaj for a guest feature.

Within a few minutes of the song release, Jesy and  Minaj grabbed one of the top spots on the trending list. Iconic hip-hop producer and entrepreneur P Diddy made a guest appearance in the stunning music video of ‘Boyz’ which got the Internet talking. Interestingly, Jesy has sampled Diddy’s hit single ‘Bad Boy for Life’ for her latest release.
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 Jesy Nelson taps Nicki Minaj and P Diddy for solo debut

Jesy had first teased the song in the second week of August on her official Instagram account. The track ‘Boyz’ talks about the British singer calling herself out for being attracted to bad boys. Apart from sampling Diddy’s song and tapping him for a cameo, Jesy also recreated a few portions of Diddy’s music video of ‘Bad Boy for Life’. The brand new Friday release soon entered the coveted Top 10 list of the US iTunes chart.

Speaking of lyrics, Jesy in one of the verses sings, “Ooh, I like them tattoos and them gold teeth/ Tough to make me feel like I'm a baddie/ I like the fire you're bringing out of me/ Baby, something 'bout him got me weak in the knees.” Nicki Minaj, like always, goes hard on bars as she steps in the second half of the song. “Lucky charms on my anklets, no, not cereal/ Jesy, we got all jelly bi**hes actin’ real messy (Real messy)/ Still a bad bi**h, whether I'm sporty or I'm dressy/ I don’t know why I got the dudes actin' zesty/ But I only want a bad boy as my bestie.”

In December 2020, Jesy had shared an Instagram post where she revealed how the band had taken a toll on her mental health. “The truth is being in the band has really taken a toll on my mental health. I find the constant pressure of being in a girl group and living up to expectations very hard,” adding that she was quitting the band "with a heavy heart", but needed to "spend time with the people I love" and "embark on a new chapter".  The group Little Mix was formed after the eighth edition of ‘The X Factor’ in 2011.  Perrie Edwards, Jade Thiriwall, and Leigh-Anne Pinnock are the rest of the active members of the group.






‘Jesy Nelson is doing Black American cosplay’

Social media rushed to Twitter to share their excitement over Jesy’s debut solo single. “Seeing Jesy Nelson actually having fun again and absolutely KILLING IT makes me so happy”, said one fan as another chimed in and posted, “I just love #JesyNelson’s new song #Boyz. Didn’t expect that from her.” One user tweeted, “If this is the material #JesyNelson gonna put out, she's gonna have a very successful career.”
The next one, however, slammed the singer saying, “Jesy Nelson, a white British woman, is doing Black American cosplay. Like wth does she know about Diddy and Bad Boy? I said it was going to be a corny culture vulture mess and it was. You just have to f**king laugh.” Echoing similar sentiments, another called out  Jesy stating, “Jesy Nelson is 30 black fishing in a dry and heavy 3b wig sampling a diddy song about how she likes bad boys with grillz and tattoos whilst posing next to exclusively black men my head hurts.” While, one concluded, “By not releasing #Boyz at midnight UK time, and presumably waiting until midnight in the US, #JesyNelson and her team are making a big statement that she’s gunning for the American market.”















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