Who is Stephanie Denaro? 'Bagel Karen' who hurled N-word says she's a Christian and calls face masks 'satanic'

Who is Stephanie Denaro? 'Bagel Karen' who hurled N-word says she's a Christian and calls face masks 'satanic'
‘Bagel Karen’ Stephanie Denaro says people’s rights are being violated by forcing them to wear masks (Instagram/stephaniedenaro)

'Bagel Karen', who called a cashier the N-word, insists it was a "term of endearment" and says face masks are "satanic", say reports. In a shocking video, Stephanie Denaro was captured on tape calling an employee at a Manhattan bagel shop a "b***h a** (N-word)" on Sunday.

But despite the use of the slur, Denaro has left no stone unturned to insist she is not, in fact, racist - even going so far as to claim that the N-word can be used as a "term of endearment." "I live in New York City," she told The Daily Mail. "I'm from New York City. It's something you hear constantly."

“I think that people’s rights are being violated being forced to wear masks,” NY Post quoted her as saying, “I’m a Christian and I don’t cover my face.”


NYC 'Karen' coughs on fellow customer at bagel store after getting called out for not wearing a mask

NYC anti-masker 'Karen' hurls N-word at bagel shop worker in shocking clip when asked to cover face, kicked out



Who is Stephanie Denaro?

Stephanie Denaro, 38, who earned the nickname "Bagel Karen", is from Queens, New York City. She has multiple Instagram profiles, one of them private, and is also known as Stephanie Denaro Dawes. She is a 2000 graduate of New York University and is a poet and writer, who had her works featured in campus publications. At NYU, she had been an actress. She has authored two books based on her experiences, titled 'The Fairest One of All' (2013) and 'American Romance' (2016). She is, at present, a New York City public school teacher, according to her Instagram post.

Denaro is a mother to three daughters and a son, whose father remains unidentified, according to Earn the Necklace. But the bakery incident wasn't the first shocking incident of her life, although it was the first to go viral. According to her Instagram, she was a supporter of former US President Donald Trump, and she has long propagated that the coronavirus pandemic is a global hoax. Her Instagram has, since, flagged and hidden her posts which are rife with unverified claims.


Wants schools to reopen 

Denaro is demanding for schools to reopen. Along with other parents and an organization called the Children’s Health Defense, she has sued the New York City government over the closure of schools due to the pandemic. Denaro has also addressed an audience regarding these demands with a post titled 'Separate and Unequal Educations'. Instagram users have disparaged her use of racially charged language in her posts, and expressed concern that her kids are in danger as long as they are with her.

"If you have a student in a family of ten all living in a one bedroom apartment, that child cannot learn as well in a remote setting as a family of four in a large house. Asa New York City public school teacher myself, I can attest to the fact that this is 100% true and is hurting our students on a dailybasis.When I ask one of my students a question, they unmute their microphones on GOOGLE MEET revealing noise and ruckus in the background that makes it impossible to stay focused on their school work while looking at the laptop, iPad or cell phone in front of them," she said in the post.


'Covid-19 is hoax'

Denaro believes that Covid-19 is a hoax. She has participated in protests against the mask mandate, refused to wear a mask, and has met with more objections before. Denaro upped the ante in the past year, vehemently protesting Covid-19 regulations and propagating the claim that Covid-19 is a fake construct against the public. 

The woman has boarded a bus at least twice without a mask, reported Earn the Necklace, leading disgruntled passengers and the bus driver to get off the bus. She also apparently had a similar altercation at a Target store. The Sun reported that Denaro has shared an email she received from the school she enrolled her children in, that spoke of her as being "fully aware of the Department of Education policy" but adding that she "intentionally ignored the policy" and sent her kids to school without a mask anyway and refusing Covid-19 testing.

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