'Limetown' Episode 7: With Finlayson's death Lia's investigation is threatened, but does she realize the dangers of her moves?

After Finlayson is shot dead, what happens to Lia's investigations?

                            'Limetown' Episode 7: With Finlayson's death Lia's investigation is threatened, but does she realize the dangers of her moves?

Major spoilers ahead for season 1 episode 7 'Acceptable Loss' of 'Limetown' 

After last week's episode 6 'A Simple Life', 'Limetown' carried a sinister air around it. Lia Haddock's (Jessica Beil) investigations into the mysterious story of the neuroscience research community Limetown is proving to be deadly for its survivors.

In 'A Simple Life', after Lia meets with Limetown's financier RB Villard (Hiro Kanagawa), she needs to get to Dr Max Finlayson. Villard had mentioned Finlayson to be the tragic hero of Limetown, not Oskar Totem (Alessandro Juliani), who was apparently the face of Limetown. Totem was a conman who sold the dream of togetherness, a seamlessly connected humanity that needn't rely on external apparatus such as language and translation for communication - for 'mind-to-mind' communication. 

But just like her meeting with Reverand Warren Chambers (John Beasley) goes downhill, her meeting with Finlayson is meant to go the same way. And there is a warning for her at the end of it - "Don't try to run!" She meets Finlayson by practically luring him to her. She edits her interview recording with Villard and swaps Finlayson's mention with that of Totem's. Knowing that Finlayson is ailed by a bad ego, she is aware that it is only a matter of time till he reaches out to her. And when he does, he is shot dead. 

In episode 7 'Acceptable Loss', the gravity of the situation begins to freak out Lia's producer Mark (Omar Elba). He wants Lia to end all investigations into Limetown - this must stop now before more people are dead. He even threatens her that he will take the tampered tape to the FBI and report her. Mark wants nothing to do anymore with Lia and her madness related to Limetown. In addition to this, Lia also has the FBI is closing in on her. 

'Acceptable Loss' shows just how consumed Lia is with Limetown, how she is stuck in the past unable to move from the time the 326 people went missing and when her uncle Emile (Stanley Tucci) went missing along with everyone at Limetown. It is a disturbing watch, yes, but a prompt one too - should we feel sorry for Lia at this point?

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