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Lil Yachty canceled? TikTok star Addison Rae's fans slam 'irrelevant' rapper for new song lyrics

Lil Yachty’s new song titled ‘E-ER’ directly mentions Addison Rae where the rapper says, 'I want Addison Rae to become my doctor and check on my privates (Woo)'
Lil Yachty, Addison Rae (Getty Images)
Lil Yachty, Addison Rae (Getty Images)

Grammy-nominated rapper Lil Yachty found himself in the middle of a social media ‘canceling party’ after fans of TikTok star Addison Rae called him out for using objectionable lyrics on his new song and sexualizing young girls. 

Lil Yachty’s new song titled ‘E-ER’ directly mentions Addison Rae where the rapper says, “I want Addison Rae to become my doctor and check on my privates (Woo)/Put her in a skirt and a scarf like a pilot/He didn't make it past the first clip like a pilot (Frrt)/I'm sick, I need medicine before I riot/My b***h p**sy sweet, it help with my diet/Can't go off the label, boy, I gotta eye it/I gotta smell, I gotta taste it”

Listen to the song here


Not just that, Lil Yachty also made sure that Addison’s beau YouTuber Bryce Hall, 21, hears the lyrics from the rapper himself. He replied to a Hall’s tweet where the YouTuber asked what song he should listen and the ‘One Night’ singer replied with the time-stamp of the song where he starts rapping about Rae. 
He tweeted “At this part specifically actually”


The whole thing kicked up a lot of drama as Lil Yachty was called out by Tiktokers. A fan wrote, “ugh..@lilyachty’s song about Addison Rae is so cmon sexualizing her???? It doesn’t matter how old is she is that’s never okay...and doesn’t he have a gf???” Another said, “It's absolutely disgusting he had no right to say that and if he has a gf thats even worse.” Another user said, "No need to cancel lil yachty he’s already irrelevant.” A similar tweet read, “Twitter tryna cancel lil yachty why hes not even relevant anymore if anything yall giving him more views.”





Lil Yachty fans came in support of ‘Minnesota’ rapper where a fan said, “Are these tiktokers really tryna cancel Lil Yachty?? They messing with the wrong social media platform.” Another said, “Ik these lil white kids are not tryna cancel lil yachty over some girl & her lip syncing dancing boyfriend goodbye.” A user commented, tiktok kids really trying to cancel lil yachty but didnt cancel “zoe laverne when she kissed a 13 year old.” A fan posted, “They tryna cancel Lil Yachty?? Not on my watch.” Another tweet read, “Tiktok tryna cancel lil yachty is by far the funniest shit that’s happened all week.” A user noted, “They trying to cancel lil yachty for sexualizing women. When that's how some songs be? But when females rapper do the same thing to men it's different. That's some hypocrital be tbh.” Another said, “TikTok kids trying to cancel Lil Yachty and they be forgetting they dance to WAP.”








Lil Yachty has released the deluxe version of ‘Lil Boat 3’ in November which was originally released in March. It features new tracks with Vince Staples, Lil Baby, Playboi Carti and more. The track ‘Oprah’s Bank Account’ also stars Drake and Dababy. The star-studded collab list includes Tyler, The Creator, Lil Keed, and Future.