Addison Rae and Bryce Hall's love saga: Social media stars confirm dating rumors after steamy photoshoot

The duo set some serious couple goals with sensational chemistry in the swimming pool photots

                            Addison Rae and Bryce Hall's love saga: Social media stars confirm dating rumors after steamy photoshoot
Bryce Hall Addison Rae (Bryce Hall/YouTube)

Modern love stories come with a few glitches and Addison Rae surely had a fair share of it with YouTuber Bryce Hall. The two are now back together as the Tiktok star confirmed. Addison Rae was spotted in a steamy photoshoot with beau Bryce Hall for globally acclaimed photographer Cibelle Levi where the duo set some serious couple goals with sensational chemistry reflecting from the swimming pool snaps. Bryce Hall also made a YouTube video titled ‘I went on a date’ confirming the couple’s patch up.



In another YouTube vlog of Addison Rae titled ‘THE TRUTH ABOUT US’, the couple answered questions regarding each other, first impressions, their breakup, and more. A follower asked, “Did you guys have feelings for each other right when you met?” Hall quickly answered ‘of course’ but Rae said, they weren’t even talking to each other when they first met. Hall jokingly revealed that the TikTok star just got out of a five-year-old relationship when they first met and ‘I was trying to kiss her’. On asking what was their first impression of one another, Hall quipped, “I thought she’s hot” and Rae said, “I thought he was like a player”. Hall told Rae, “I thought you were attractive but I didn’t know what your intentions were.”



Rae, 20 went on a further revelation and shared that their first kiss was at a party and she caught feelings first, saying "I had feelings first because I definitely wouldn't have kissed you if I didn't have feelings for you," adding, "That's like how I roll." The couple also shared their new anniversary date to be October 13, as the YouTuber asked Rae to be his ‘girlfriend’ on that day.

The couple ended the video with Rae saying “we are officially dating and this is going to be really interesting to see where this goes.” Hall chimed in stating “remember though, our official breakup date is December 3 according to Addison’s management team” and asking for all the good luck cause they will “seriously need it.”

Earlier in a YouTube video titled Addison Rae's 'Dark Side of Fame for Zane and Health: Unfiltered', the TikTok star opened up about her relationship with Bryce Hall stating a lot of confusion regarding it. She said, "like I'm not feeling confused, which I feel like that's the worst feeling to have about anything." She added, “When you’re confused about it, it’s like usually not the right thing, it’s like, why is it even confusing in the first place. Now I definitely feel like, I mean, we’ve gotten to a point where we can talk about what kind of direction everything is and where are, and what we’re doing separately. I feel like it’s definitely more clear.”



Their fans have also shared their appreciation for the couple's decision to get back together. A user shared, "I AM SO HAPPY FOR THEM. they deserve the world", another said, "my heart... I honestly love these two beautiful humans and I’m so happy that they are happy together." Another follower posted, "@BryceHall and @whoisaddison have been dating since October 13 I'M SO FREAKING HAPPY Bryce will always be my tiktok crush but it's okay I'm happy for them."




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