When will Lil Uzi Vert drop ‘Pink Tape’? Rapper was quick to delete hint on Instagram

The 26-year-old rapper’s new mixtape is a follow-up to his second album ‘Eternal Atake’ that was released in March 2020

                            When will Lil Uzi Vert drop ‘Pink Tape’? Rapper was quick to delete hint on Instagram
Lil Uzi Vert (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Fans of Lil Uzi Vert went berserk on Thanksgiving Day after the rapper dropped a subtle hint about his new mixtape, aptly called the ‘Pik Tape’ on Instagram but deleted it soon after. Since then, hip-hop fans on social media platforms have bombarded the Philadelphia native with questions about the release date and tracklist of the highly-anticipated mixtape. Lil Uzi Vert enjoys close to 16 million followers on Instagram and so him dropping a cryptic hint and then deleting it has left fans beyond curious.

Lil Uzi Vert had dropped a single called ‘Demon High’ in the last week of October, just so fans would have an easier time being patient while he geared up for his new ambitious project. The track proved to be a perfect early Halloween gift for his fans as it caught the attention of music lovers despite other new releases in the same week. The 26-year-old rapper’s new mixtape is a follow-up to his second album ‘Eternal Atake’ which was released in March 2020. Uzi had announced his ‘Pink Tape’ during his Instagram Live session in December 2020.
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When will Lil Uzi Vert drop 'Pink Tape'?

On the occasion of Thanksgiving, Lil Uzi Vert decided to tease his fans and followers by adding the words “DELTA PINK” to his bio. However, he quickly deleted the bio update, leaving his fans wondering what the words had to do with his much-anticipated mixtape. The ‘Money Longer’ hitmaker did not post any further details on social media after that cryptic clue, refusing to answer social media users asking him to spill a few details on the project.
Lil Uzi Vert had last given an update on ‘Pink Tape’ when he bumped into his fans in mid-October and they asked if the much-anticipated mixtape would arrive before October’s end. Lil Uzi denied the rumors and said that he is going to take his time with his new project. In the video that surfaced on Twitter, Uzi while denying the release date before October end, said, “No it’s not. Then it drops next week and then it sounds like s**t and I gotta hear it from-well not from you-but I gotta hear it from 100,000 people on the internet saying, ‘This sucks!’” The rapper added, “So you gotta let me take my time … I’m taking my time so it won’t suck.”





‘Stop being sassy and drop Pink Tape’

Moments after Lil Uzi deleted the Instagram bio update, his fans stormed Twitter as one of them said, “@LILUZIVERT yo if be some small chance you see this just know we trust in the process and cant wait for pink tape and praying after this drops you take ETERNALBEINGS to the MOON. I’ve steady been holding mine just waiting on our day god bless!” Another shared, “If uzi drops this year it’s gonna be aoty.” One user posted, “Yall be watching this guy closely LMAO”, as another added, “Drop pink pu**y tape or whatever it’s called.” One user asked, “Where’s pink tape bro?” Meanwhile, one tweeted, “Uzi pink tape ….release date…track list…percentage of being done ??? I think u said it was done tho hold on sum info man it’s been a year since u dropped a album come onnnnn I need new uzi !!!”  The next one said, “Stop being sassy and drop pink tape.” Another chimed in, “Thinking about the pink tape on Thanksgiving, wow just shows how much I fw UZI MUSIC”, as one concluded, “I want the pink tape so bad.”
















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