Who killed Lil Pnut? NBA Youngboy lookalike influencer, 21, found dead in Alabama woods

Who killed Lil Pnut? NBA Youngboy lookalike influencer, 21, found dead in Alabama woods
Lil Pnut dies at the age of 21. (Photo by Instagram/334lil_pnut)

Lil Pnut, a comedian and influencer popularly regarded as a lookalike of NBA YoungBoy, was found dead in the woods with gunshot wounds in his hometown of Union Springs, Alabama, on January 29, 2022. Lil Pnut, also known as NCAA YoungBoy rose to stardom online by mimicking the rapper and posting Facebook videos of himself doing so. On Instagram, he has a following of more than 150k people. Union Springs police claimed they discovered a body early Friday, January 28 and The Source, an online publication, confirmed it was the comedian and influencer. According to WSFA, Chief Ronnie Felder stated the body was discovered along Hicks Industrial Road.

On Jan 28, YouTuber and close friend clutch318money posted a video in which he discussed Pnut's death. He remarked: "It’s a real sick feeling but like, I’m heartbroken in so many ways because he went back home to Alabama not so long ago and uh he called me a couple days in a row and was asking you know if he could come back to Louisiana.” In the past few months, we have also received news of many social media influencers and celebs dying. 'Here for the tea' YouTuber Samantha Rabinowitz died last November. Texas-based YouTuber Adalia Rose Williams, who was diagnosed as a baby with Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome, died at the age of 15. Also, something truly bizarre happened after Norwegian YouTuber, Tor Eckhoff died five days after he posted 'I am not dead'. 


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The cops discovered Lil Pnut in a peculiar state as if he'd been mercilessly butchered, as proved by the various injuries on his body, which clearly demonstrated the magnitude of his death. As a result, as soon as everyone was aware of the situation, they all had strong reactions to the news, demanding that the offenders be captured as soon as possible. Lil Pnut's purported murder has remained a mystery for the time being. Following the news of his death, fans of the influencer flocked to social media to express their sorrow. One of the users of Twitter wrote: "Lil pnut was always so sweet and fun to be around. swear he Youngboy to death lol. this shit is fucking crazy. rip kid." The following was a tweet from another user: "RIP NCAA ‘YoungBoy Look-A-like’"




Some of them were inconsiderate, as seen by their tweet that read: "When lil pnut find out campus police looking for him I’m sorry i had to do it." Ending with a #fvsu. As a result, a Twitter user responded with the following tweet: "Y'all have become desensitized to the death of our own people. That much is obvious based on some of the reactions to Lil PNUT (NCAA Youngboy) being murdered. So sad. I can't imagine what his family/friends are feeling right now."






There has been a similar situation in the past where the alleged murderer remained unknown. One such case is Alexis Sharkey, a social media influencer whose naked body was discovered along a Texas highway after she went missing on Thanksgiving Day. Sharkey was "strangled to death," according to authorities. Her death was deemed a homicide by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences. After she went missing on November 27, the cause of her death was unknown. Her mother initially informed the reporters that she had left the house after a quarrel with her husband, Tom Sharkey. According to the Houston Police Department, no arrests or charges have been filed. The case is still being looked into.

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