‘Montero’ Fan Review: Lil Nas X debut ‘no-skip album’, raises heat with shocking MV

'...omg im in shock and awe… I SWEAR ive never seen a gay artist do what lil nas x did on thats what i want,' said a Lil Nas X fan

                            ‘Montero’ Fan Review: Lil Nas X debut ‘no-skip album’, raises heat with shocking MV
Lil Nas X in a still from ‘Thats What I Want’ music video ([email protected])

Lil Nas X has been creating a lot of hype for his debut full-length project ‘Montero’ since March 2021 and it finally saw the light of the day on Friday, September 17. The ‘Old Town Road (Remix)’ hitmaker also proved why he is a marketing genius as after the satanic inspired single ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name) stunned the Internet, the singer-songwriter’s promotional video as a pregnant man delivering an album too raised a lot of eyebrows.

The brand new album also included recently released singles like ‘Sun Goes Down’ and the Jack Harlow-featuring ‘Industry Baby’ that saw Lil Nas baring it all in the music video. The 22-year-old rapper’s debut project features collaborations with stalwarts like Elton John, Miley Cyrus, Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion. However, what garnered everyone’s interest was the music video of ‘That’s What I Want’ as Lil Nas X was seen sharing a few intimate moments with another guy in the steamy yet emotional video.

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Lil Nas X stuns fans with ‘That's What I Want’ MV

Before releasing the album on leading streaming platforms, Lil Nas X held a baby shower and also dropped a short video of him delivering the album in a hospital. In order to promote the album, Nas X had installed several giant billboards at various places and also premiered ‘The Montero Show’ where the rapper was seen trolling himself in twin roles.

Speaking of the ‘Thats What I Want’ music video, Lil Nas X gave quite a surprise when the raunchy video soon turns emotional as many labeled him a genius. In the chorus, the multiple Grammy-winning singer croons, “I want, someonе to love me/ I need, someonе who needs me/ 'Cause it don't feel right when it's late at night/ And it's just me in my dreams/ So I want, someone to love/ That's what I f**kin' want.” Whereas, in the second verse, he sings, “Look, you know it's harder to find in these times/ But I got nothin' but love on my mind (My mind)/ I need a baby while I'm in my prime/ Need an adversary to my down and weary.” Looking at visuals, fans also noticed that Lil Nas X cleverly references the hit movie ‘Brokeback Mountain’. Legendary actor Billy Porter also made a surprise cameo in the Stillz directed video. You can listen to the full album here.




1. ‘Montero’
2. ‘Dead Right Now’
3. ‘Industry Baby’
4. ‘That’s What I Want’
5. ‘The Art of Realization’
6. ‘Scoop’ (featuring Doja Cat)
7. ‘One of Me’ (featuring Elton John)
8. ‘Lost in The Citadel’
9. ‘Dolla Sign Slime’ (featuring Megan Thee Stallion)
10. ‘Tales of Dominica’
11. ‘Sun Goes Down’
12. ‘Void’
13. ‘Don’t Want It’
14. ‘Life After Salem’
15. ‘Am I Dreaming?’ (featuring Miley Cyrus)




‘Thats What I Want’ music video made me ugly cry’

As Lil Nas X quickly grabbed one of the top spots on the trending list, social media users thronged to Twitter to share their opinion on the album and on the music video of ‘Thats What I Want’. “Lil nas x is a f**king genius broooooo wtf that music video got me litttty”, said one user as another posted, “You know what… lil nas slayed this album hard! Banger after banger highkey, thats what I want on repeat all night Fr.” The next one added, “Ahh the 'Thats what I want' music video is incredible.”
Meanwhile, one chimed and stated, “@LilNasX the thats what i want music video made me ugly cry.”  One individual tweeted, “Whoah, thats what i want's video caught me completly off guard lmao.” Another shared, “No like omg im in shock and awe… I SWEAR ive never seen a gay artist do what lil nas x did on thats what i want ….. ima have to stan.” One shared, “Don’t let the conservatives get a hold of the Thats What I Want Video from #MONTERO … @LilNasX  is “pushing the gay agenda” again lmaoo.” One person posted, “Okay so @LilNasX new album Montero was like a mullet the way he lured us in. I thought it was gonna be “I’m a big star f**k bi**hes get $$” but then it was really sad boi hours that HURT.  this album a revolution.” Another concluded, “no skip album. Incredible.”












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