Lil Nas X rides waves of 'Holiday' success with eccentric pics, funny posts: 'Swipe right for good news'

The success of Lil Nas X's new single and music video for 'Holiday' had the rapper in bliss on November 21. Also, check out the reason for his silence during the year of 2020

                            Lil Nas X rides waves of 'Holiday' success with eccentric pics, funny posts: 'Swipe right for good news'
Lil Nas X (Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Lil Nas X has been active on social media as of late and busy with the release of his new single 'Holiday', but it looks like the success of his new track will keep the rapper further engaged with fans online.

Lil Nas X has taken to his social media to share new milestones and the reason for his musical "silence" throughout the year. Sharing his appreciation with his fans on November 21, the rapper wrote, "SWIPE RIGHT FOR GOOD NEWS! I HAVE THE BEST FANS IN THE WORLD! I LOVE U GUYS!" and posted a photo of himself sporting an elaborate hairstyle designed to look like a Christmas tree. Along with the snap, Lil Nas X shared a screenshot of a new milestone he has earned on Spotify for 'Holiday'. According to the Lil Nas X Charts channel on Twitter, "@LilNasX's 'HOLIDAY' had its biggest streaming day on Spotify yesterday with 1,858,654 plays." Check out the post by clicking here

The rapper then retweeted a fan comment of the same announcement with more eccentric pics which reads, "This man has committed to looking like a gay anime villain at all times and I respect it SOOOOO f**king much y’all."



Lil Nas X then dropped a playful note on his reasoning for being musically quiet during the year. "the reason i’m santa in the holiday video is because like santa i was quiet the whole year then came back at the end to spread joy and break into peoples homes."



Move on to further Twitter posts on his account, and the latest is another update on the success of 'Holiday' where Lil Nas X shared that music from 'Holiday' has been used in over 87,000 Tik Tok videos since its release. The song was used over 20,000 times in the last 24 hours.



Meanwhile, the rapper appears to be enjoying his day, sprinkling a few humorous tweets between such announcements. Check them out below.




For those unacquainted with Lil Nas X's hit track, 'Holiday' released on November 13. The official music video was directed by Lil Nas X himself and Gibson Hazard, and features the rapper as a futuristic Santa Claus in his workshop on December 24, 2220.

Earlier this month, on November 10, the online game platform Roblox announced the 'Lil Nas X Concert Experience', that kicked off on November 14. The concert was used to promote the 'Holiday' single, with Lil Nas X singing a variety of his popular songs in the form of a large avatar. The event was also a success, garnering 33 million views.

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