'Million Dollar Hustle': 5 things to know about the Lifetime reality show

'Million Dollar Hustle': 5 things to know about the Lifetime reality show
Million Dollar Hustle (Lifetime)

Are you ready to be inspired? Lifetime has been expanding its unscripted programming slate this year. This channel is back again with another reality series titled 'Million Dollar Hustle', a docuseries set in the world of transformational marketing.

'Million Dollar Hustle' will be featuring Stormy Wellington as she is one of the best and top moguls in transformational marketing. Stormy Wellington aims to coach other women to help them dramatically change and transform their lives, both personally and professionally. The upcoming docuseries will follow Wellington and the elite group of female entrepreneurs that she has amassed throughout the years called the Circle of Bosses. You can also watch another reality Lifetime series titled  'Leave It To Gegge' every Wednesday. If you want to know more about the upcoming reality series, then continue reading.


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When will 'Million Dollar Hustle' be released, and where can you watch it 

'Million Dollar Hustle' will be airing on March 17, 2022, at 10 pm EST. You can watch reality series on the Lifetime channel.

What is 'Million Dollar Hustle' all about 

The official synopsis reads, "Million Dollar Hustle follows health and fitness influencer, author, entrepreneur and self-made millionaire Wellington and her elite group of unstoppable leaders, called the Circle of Bosses, including Dianna Williams (aka Coach D from Bring It!), Maniya Essence Canty (Stormy’s daughter), Nathalie Nicole Smith, Bawselady, Tammy Price, Bianca Shadai and Ana Cantera."

Who stars in the upcoming 'Million Dollar Hustle' 

The upcoming reality series will be following Stormy Wellington along with her elite group of unstoppable leaders including Diana Williams, Maniya Essence Canty, Nathalie Nicole Smith, Bawselday, Tammy Price, Bianca Shadai and Ana Cantera.

Stormy Wellington 

Stormy Wellington has successfully achieved great success as a health and fitness influencer, author, and entrepreneur and now she will be working to bring a transformation in the life of other women.




'Million Dollar Hustle' is produced by Pink Sneakers Productions. 9th Degree with John Ehrhard, Kimberly Belcher Ehrhard, Michaline Babich, Brad Tiemann, Brie Miranda Bryant, Nicole Vogel as executive producers. 



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