Lifetime 'Driven to Murder' Review: Lucia Guerrero has the drive to survive in this deadly ride

Starring Guerrero, Adam Blake, Michael Shaffrey, and Chase Mullins among others, 'Driven to Murder' will keep you at the edge of your seats till the very end

                            Lifetime 'Driven to Murder' Review: Lucia Guerrero has the drive to survive in this deadly ride
A promotional still for 'Driven to Murder' (Lifetime)

Contains spoilers for 'Driven to Murder' 

Lifetime is known for taking existing genres and adding their flavor to them while ensuring that content remains women-centric. 'Driven to Murder' follows that pattern, yet it has a strong male performance. But before we get to that, let's take a look at the film and what it has to offer. 

Written and directed by Colin Everett, 'Driven to Murder' is a thriller that follows the gory events that unfold after a woman named Sarah (Lucia Guerrero) is held captive by Jason (Adam Blake), a sociopathic rideshare driver, who blames her for him running over a homeless man while ferrying her. Whether Sarah makes it out alive and how she manages to do so forms the rest of the film. 'Driven to Murder' is like 'Speed', just that a car replaces the bus and a homicidal man replaces the bomb on board. You feel the same amount of tension that you did when you watched the Tom Cruise starrer. 


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Though there are many impressive setups, a sequence set in a diner and the climactic face-off between Sarah and Jason, stand out the most. The former takes place right after Sarah is made to witness (virtually) a gruesome murder committed by Jason. He frees her momentarily so that they can get something to eat and this is when the waitress at the diner notices the bruises on Sarah's arms from the bondage. What follows is a tense shootout and though Jason makes away with Sarah, it makes for a gripping sequence.

The second one is set in Sarah's house, where she is seen resting in her partner's arms only to find out that Jason isn't dead just yet and that he's there to settle scores. Shot in various spots around the house, with a large maze-like scene in the basement, it's a nail-biting watch that makes you squirm at times. 

While Lucia Guerrero is tender, caring, and daring as Sarah, Adam Blake is chilling as the murderous Jason. Not much needs to be said about Guerrero as Lifetime is known for making films with solid female leads, but seldom do you get to see strong male performances. Adam Blake gets one of those rare opportunities and boy does he make the most of it. He is a meticulous killer but he also has a humane side to him that he brings to the table when required. He speaks to Guerrero like a therapist would in certain stages, asking her to vent her emotions and not bottle anything up. The range that Blake shows makes 'Driven to Murder' all the more interesting and intriguing. 

The production value seems to be significantly high, while the technical aspects (the cinematography especially) are toned down when necessary, to amplify the genre and viewing experience. 'Driven to Murder' is one film that will keep you at the edge of your seats till the very end. 

In all, Adam Blake is driven to murder Lucia Guerrero, who has a relentless drive to survive. 

'Driven to Murder' is available for streaming on Fubo TV, AT&T TV, Vidgo, Philo, Sling TV, and Hulu.

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