Liam Payne rules out plans for baby number two with Cheryl following their Maldives vacation

Liam Payne confirms that there are no plans for baby number two as the couple returns from their holiday.

                            Liam Payne rules out plans for baby number two with Cheryl following their Maldives vacation
Liam Payne (Source:Getty Images)

Liam Payne has made it loud and clear that Cheryl and he are not planning on having another child. The pair, who are proud parents to one-year-old Bear, has been in the news for their rocky relationship. Amid this, there were reports which claimed that the couple was planning on welcoming baby number two. However, Liam has shut them down. 

When Liam was in Berlin, he was asked the question about the plans on baby number 2 by a reporter, according to Hello Magazine. "Liam, one question, what about baby number two?" the reporter asked. "No, that’s not true, it's not happening," Liam replied. "People just make up stories." The singer had been in Germany to perform  Fifty Shades track For You with Rita Ora. 

He also recently returned from a family vacation as they all enjoyed a nice trip to the Maldives. Various reports have surfaced which claim that there have been problems between the two and a breakup was possible in the near future. 

The rumors stemmed from the fact that Liam and Cheryl were not spotted together for a long time and the couple did not share any social media pictures like they usually used to. Various sources came forward and told different tabloids that one of the reasons for fights between Cheryl and Liam had been the fact that the singer was often on the road for his concerts. 

There were also reports that Liam had been seeing someone else when pictures of him hanging out with one of his dancers during the concert emerged. Even though for a long time Cheryl decided to keep quiet about the cheating claims, the pictures were the last straw and she finally decided to address the issue. "I usually don’t bother myself to respond to stupid articles," she wrote to her 6.42million followers on Twitter. 

"But I can’t ignore this story involving an innocent dancer colleague of Liam’s who has a fiance and dragging them into this desperate attempt to try and cause problems between Liam and I. Nor do I understand the almost daily onslaught of stories. The other “mystery woman” in the story happens to be my long-term friend and manager (that’s embarrassing) I also happen to love Katy Perry."

She then added that these reports do not bother her, but believes that there should be some amount of truth that should be reflected in articles. "Oh and you can save yourselves from 'Cheryl hits back' blah blah articles bc honestly No.. one.. cares!" she noted.