‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ fans annoyed with Phresher's baby mamma for staying with him despite his infidelity

'LHHNY' fans are tired of the drama caused by Phresher and his baby mamma Jenn.

                            ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ fans annoyed with Phresher's baby mamma for staying with him despite his infidelity
Jenn and Phresher (VH1)

Rapper Phresher’s baby mamma Jenn has ’Love & Hip Hop: New York’ fans feeling annoyed thanks to the way she treats women Phresher has allegedly hooked up with. In a previous episode we saw her lashing out at Jennaske, an artist Phresher is trying to sign on because she felt that Jennaske and her baby daddy were hooking up. The little tiff between the two ladies was finally what tipped off Jennaske to switch teams and sign up with Rich Dollaz.
On the latest episode, we see Jenn repeating it all over again. She reveals that she got a message from a girl named Jada saying that Phresher owes her $60k. Jenn meets up with her baby daddy and confronts him about it. He tries brushing it off and accuses Jada of lying.



Jenn doesn’t look entirely convinced with Phresher’s explanation, thanks to his past which is filled with infidelity and lies. So, she meets up with Jada, who provides receipts that reveal Phresher owes her money and was flirting with her. Jenn again gets into an altercation. Fans are tired of watching Jenn create a scene with each of the girls Phresher claims to be doing “business” with, yet going back to him despite knowing he isn’t being faithful.
A fan wrote, “Jenn Wilding Out AGAIN On The Other Woman Then BOOM Still Staying w| Phresher  #LHHNY.” Another fan tweeted, “His baby momma does way too much like sis you’re not going anywhere! You’ve been a girlfriend for TWENTY years so let that bum cheat in peace 😭 #LHHNY.” “Jen is draining. Aint nobody tell you to stay and put up with phresher sh*t. You staying because you feel you are owed something for the shit YOU ALLOWED! and if he make it you wanna be there to collect the benefits Smh she need to gone somewhere with that bs #LHHNY,” pointed out a fan. Another fan shared, “Phresher wife or whatever doing ALL THAT TALKING just to stay with the n**** ANYWAY! Y’all been together for how long sis? And you still wasting your breath knowing you not going no where? SIT BACK! #LHHNY.”
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