LHHATL star Shekinah Anderson branded 'donkey of the day' for crying over Gucci store looting: 'suck it TF up'

The 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' star took to Instagram live to address the protests that happened in Atlanta's Lenox Mall and the ensuing looting of the Gucci store

                            LHHATL star Shekinah Anderson branded 'donkey of the day' for crying over Gucci store looting: 'suck it TF up'
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The United States of America is burning, both metaphorically and literally. In the aftermath of the gruesome murder of George Floyd, outraged people across the country have taken to the streets and are protesting yet another heinous act of crime against a black American. News of vandalization, looting and fires have been reported from various parts of the country.

One confirmed report of looting at Lenox Square in Atlanta came in through the Atlanta Police in the wee hours of Saturday, according to Alive. Looting was reported at the upscale Gucci store and managers estimated thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, stolen. 

Following the news, star of reality show 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta', Shekinah Anderson went live on Instagram to address the protests. She was seen crying hysterically, explaining that the protestors could be arrest because a camera has recorded them looting the Gucci store and later mentioned that the brand did not deserve that treatment.

"Gucci ain't did s**t to ya'll," she began before she added that she does not care about claims of the brand being racist and that they should not have been looted. She also mentioned that it was wrong to vandalize the Lenox mall as well. Followers of her Instagram page who watched Shekinah cry over her live video did not agree with her and her choice of words did not sit well with them, many of whom were of the belief that there were bigger things to worry about. 

"That's shekinah jo retarded a**," and "Stupid a** shekinah smh," wrote her followers on Twitter. Another angry follower tweeted, "Atlanta celebs taking an L revealing their true opinions. Shekinah girl, STFU. Atlanta police officers are racist too and so do them (sic) employees in them damn expensive a** stores."

Another wrote, "All these celebrities (except a few) are better off not saying shit, they don’t care either if you ask me, shekinah literally on live crying about some damn Gucci who don’t give AF about us. Bye." "Shekinah deserved donkey of the day for going live crying like a f**king clown girl suck it TF up, get with it or get lost," wrote another follower.

There were also a few comments by people defending Shekinah. "#shekinah ain't crying about Gucci- yall always twisting some1 words. What she's saying is true. Those corporations didn't do anything. Looting is a crime that won't bring about change. Burning building won't change Anything."

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