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Leni Klum, 18, slams critics who called lingerie shoot with mom Heidi Klum 'disturbing'

Leni Klum is 'overall happy' about the lingerie campaign she shot alongside her mom Heidi
Leni Klum (L) and Heidi Klum shot a lingerie campaign together for Intimissimi (Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images and @intimissimiofficial/Instagram)
Leni Klum (L) and Heidi Klum shot a lingerie campaign together for Intimissimi (Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images and @intimissimiofficial/Instagram)

BEL AIR, CALIFORNIA: Leni Klum has responded to the backlash she and her mother, Heidi Klum, faced following their mother-daughter lingerie photo shoot. Following the session, people swarmed to the post's comment section, calling it "very disturbing" and "weird." Leni, 18, stated during her mother's annual Halloween party that she is not concerned with the haters.

Leni Klum has spoken out about the backlash she and her mother Heidi Klum received after their mother-daughter lingerie photo shoot. After the shoot, comments were swarming with people calling the photo "very disturbing" and "weird" Leni, 18, explained during her mother's annual Halloween party that she did not care about the haters.

Klum and Leni featured in the most recent commercial campaign for the Italian company Intimissimi. In the images, the two donned black and white lingerie together, each wearing a bra, underwear, and heels. However, it was not universally adored. “I honestly didn’t look at a lot of the reactions,” Leni, told Page Six Monday, October 31 night. “I am overall happy with the campaign and I had an amazing day with my mom. I think the photos turned out great, and we had an amazing time," the 18-year-old added saying she avoids reading the comments on her posts.


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“I just don’t look at it, honestly,” Leni continued. “If I don’t look at it, I don’t have to pay any attention to it, so I just don’t know what is there.” "I had an amazing day, an amazing shoot, it's out, I love it," the emerging style sensation summarized. Leni also expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with her supermodel mother, 49. “I love her. She’s an inspiration. Just the advice she gives me, the way she works, everything about her, I can go on and on,” Leni told reporters at the starry event. “I love shooting with her.”


Howard Stern, an American radio personality, said on his SiriusXM show that the Klums' Intimissimi advertisement was improper. “I looked at it and I thought, ‘This is so f—king’ out of line. It is so inappropriate. But you can’t stop looking at it.” He added, “It looks like a guy’s [personal] fantasy. They’re kissing and they’re holding each other. And they’re frolicking.”

Other internet users agreed with Stern’s point, saying the project felt “icky.” one user commented, "Sorry but this is weird." another posted, "I would be so dang embarrassed if Heidi Klum was my mother. A mother who refuses to grow up gracefully, teaching her offspring to do the same. I'd end up running away from home and never look back. Despicable." A third commented, "the photo is weird and the caption makes it weirder lol." While there were a number of negative comments, some defended the mother-daughter duo as well. "Beautiful ladies! Nothing disturbing here! The only disturbances are people that think this is disturbing pic😍👏," a user commented. "So AWESOME!!!! Love that your mom supports you and that you both see modeling for the art form it is instead of the sexified weirdness that everyone else makes it. People wouldnt be freaking out if you were both in bikinis so why is this weird at all. Good for you 🔥🔥🔥🔥," another commented. A third wrote, "Nothing wrong with this. If they were in Bikini’s no one would complain."

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