Who is Leigh Ann Bauman? Missouri realtor allegedly paid $1.5K to hitmen to murder former mother-in-law

Bauman believed that her ex-husband and her former mother-in-law were going to take her to court for full custody of the children

                            Who is Leigh Ann Bauman? Missouri realtor allegedly paid $1.5K to hitmen to murder former mother-in-law
Leigh Ann Bauman was arrested for plotting to murder her former mom-in-law (Camden County Jail)

LAKE OF THE OZARKS, MISSOURI: A well-known real estate agent in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, is being accused of plotting to murder her former mother-in-law. She is also a competitive power boater, magazine cover model and art dealer.

Leigh Ann Bauman is accused of sending her daughter a text that read, “your grandmother will die.” Bauman's personal and professional Facebook pages are filled with glamour shots and promise to find people their dream homes. Bauman told a witness that her former mother-in-law was the reason there was a strain in Bauman’s relationship with her daughter.


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Leigh Ann Bauman (Facebook)

The Missouri State Highway Patrol arrested Bauman on March 4, 2021, at 2.15 pm. According to KY3, the plot Bauman is accused of hatching included a plan to murder her former mother-in-law. Prosecutors allege that Bauman believed the target was trying to harm her relationship with her daughter.

According to the criminal charges levied on her, a witness recorded Bauman entering a deal to pay $1,500 to some people from St Louis to kill her ex-mother-in-law and make it “look like an accident." She was asked multiple times “if she was sure she wanted to hire these people,” and indicated that she did. Bauman allegedly said “she knew as a Christian it was wrong but she could ask for forgiveness.”

Leigh Ann Bauman (Facebook)

On Facebook she has referred to herself as “Art Dealer, CEO, HBIC at The Lake Ozark Gallery LLC. Commercial & Residential RealtorR at Universal Realty Group at realtor.com Pro. Lives in Lake Ozark, Missouri.”

Court documents reveal that Bauman who got divorced in 2018 believed that her ex-husband and her ex-mother-in-law were going to take Bauman to court for full custody of the children. According to a report by KY3, prosecutors said that Bauman should be held without bail because of “her finances and danger to the victim.” ”The local realtor had several political connections and the witness was aware of these political connections,” said Camden County Prosecutor Caleb Cunningham, according to KY3. On one Facebook post, Bauman wrote that she enjoyed accompanying a mayor as “1st Lady of Lake Ozark & visit with our core of dynamic professionals!”

Leigh Ann Bauman (Facebook)

In an elaborative bio on Linkedin, she has described herself as: "Leigh Ann is a World Champion Offshore Powerboat DRIVER/THROTTLER/navigator, a pistol-packing cheer mom, receives Lake Economic Development awards on special LOTO mayor committees, several Missouri Leadership programs, a dynamic Lake professional/philanthropist and has had real estate clients name their baby after her. LA dwells on the 2mm enjoys being a blessing to others, boating, oil painting, making furniture, wakeboarding/surfing, traveling, working out, live music, cooking, entertaining friends, Lake Christian Church, horticulture, an avid reader, hiking/biking/rock hunting, facilitating the success of others, smashing goals & raising champions Bella & Livi."

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