'Legendary' on HBO Max: Emotions galore as House of Ninja gets eliminated at the end of 'Intergalactic' ball

House of Escada and the Ninjas were in the bottom two at the end of the ball and Shyanne Escada and Sharron Ninja were tasked with defending their house in the final battle

                             'Legendary' on HBO Max: Emotions galore as House of Ninja gets eliminated at the end of 'Intergalactic' ball
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The House of Ninja stood eliminated at the end of the 'Intergalactic' ball. Their elimination resulted in a lot of emotional moments in the ballroom and Leiomy Maldonado sent them off with the biggest compliment saying their founding father, the iconic dancer Willi Ninja, would be proud of what they brought to the show. Going into rehearsals with performance coach Tanisha Scott, the Ninjas were really confident about what they were about to present next in the ballroom. They were pumped as they had a pretty good run in the 'Remember the Times' ball last week and Mother Dolores said that the judges' comments were good validation for them. She also said that they wanted more opportunities to show the world what they could do. 

The Ninjas have had a great run on the show with more hits and very few misses but not this time around. After their performance, Leiomy said that she liked their storyline but didn't quite enjoy the overall performance. Judge Jameela Jamil too said that after their incredible performance last week, this felt "anti-climatic". After all the performances, the Ninjas and the Escadas ended up in the bottom two and it was now time for London Escada and Dolores Ninja to choose a defending house member to participate in the final vogue-down. Chise Ninja is someone who has defended her house twice already in the competition and it was expected that Dolores would bring her out once again but she chose Sharron instead. London brought out their house's "secret weapon" Shyanne who was applauded earlier in the episode by Leiomy herself for the clarity in her movements.

The final battle between the two was impressive but Shyanne was better than Sharron according to the judges. Guest judge Taylor Bennett, permanent judge Megan The Stallion and Law Roach gave their votes to Shyanne who was able to save her house with her performance and the Ninjas stood eliminated. Emotions suddenly dipped in the ballroom and the other houses backstage couldn't stop their tears after the results were announced. Dolores went on to say her final words wherein she thanked her house members and the show for the opportunity and the group left the stage amidst thundering applause. 

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