'Legendary' Episode 5: Jeter Gucci is the star of 'Remember The Times' ball

This house of Gorgeous Gucci had been through a lot of ups and downs during the course of the show. However, they proved that they were on top of their game in this episode

                            'Legendary' Episode 5: Jeter Gucci is the star of 'Remember The Times' ball
Jarrell Gucci and Jeter Gucci (HBO Max)

This week, it was time to go back to the roots of voguing with the 'Remember The Times' ball and the first category for this particular ball involved paying homage to the "old way" of voguing. This meant that the performers were required to emulate the performance style of their founding mothers. To explain it better, they needed to bring Vogue magazine style posing coupled with martial art influences in their routine on to the stage in the category that was called "March of the Mummies". 

It began with Shy Ebony who committed a rookie mistake by doing Michael Jackson's crotch grab. This resulted in him getting the chop by Law Roach. It was a chop for Sattva Ninja as well by Leiomy who said that splitting and showing stretch was not a part of the old way of voguing. Jeter Gucci, Carlos Lanvin, Gravity Balmain, Yyoyo Escada were able to secure 10s across the board and at the end of the category, Jeter was announced as the winner. 

Jeter Gucci - HBO Max)

The second category was titled "Warrior Guardians" and it called for a house production with a strong floor performance as part of the routine. The House of Ninja was able to wow the panel with their sexy Gladiator style fighting that was a part of their performance and the House of Balmain proved that they were indeed the "main attraction" with their mummified Pharoah action that they brought to the stage. 

The House of Escada was confident enough that they'd win the Superior House trophy with their performance but the judges unanimously felt that their choreography wasn't strong enough this time around. 

(House of Balmain - HBO Max)


The House of Gorgeous Gucci went from five members to four since the Circus Bezerkus Ball. The remaining members admitted to having been stressed by this and were still coming to terms with the development. However, they came to the floor dressed like the savages from Iceland with an equally strong performance which all the judges seemed to love. Jeter was the star of the performance and his solo routine, in the end, earned him a special mention from all the judges. 

The House of Ebony and The House of Lanvin ended up in the bottom two, meaning one of them was going home at the end of the episode. 

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