'Legacies': Still waiting for Rafael Waithe to show us that he's alpha material - but will he?

Although he's fought to be the alpha of the pack at the Salvatore Shool for the Young and the Gifted, Rafael is missing the essence of being a leader. 

                            'Legacies': Still waiting for Rafael Waithe to show us that he's alpha material - but will he?

Werewolves have for the longest time in 'The Vampire Diaries' universe played a crucial role. From Tyler Lockwood from Mystic Falls to Hayley Marshall and Jackson Kenner of the Crescent wolf pack in 'The Originals', they are without a doubt a species that has been the epitome of bravery and the voice of reason. So whatever happened to Rafael Waithe (Peyton Alex Smith) in 'Legacies'? Although he's fought to be the alpha of the pack at the Salvatore School for the Young and the Gifted, Rafael misses the essence of being a leader. 


Rafael Waithe came to the school in Mystic Falls with his foster brother Landon Kirby. Not much is known about his life before the school except for the fact that he was misunderstood by his foster parents and treated unfairly along with Landon.

His past is clearly dark and painful and his experiences have definitely shaped him into a guarded and protective individual. The turning point of Raf's life, much like most werewolves in this universe, was the day he turned. He accidentally ends up killing his girlfriend Cassie on a drive, triggering his animal side - and that guilt is his greatest weakness.

Raf was angry before he didn't understand who he was, understandably. However, what makes this alpha an utter disappointment is the fact that he still hasn't worked on fixing his emotional instability. When Cassie comes back from the dead because of the Necromancer, his guilt overwhelms him - so much so that he forgets that she was one of the ploys leading to Malivore.

He's seen it happen before at the school, so as a leader of the pack, yet, he lets his emotions get the better of it. Had he looked at the situation with a much colder, calculated eye like perhaps Hayley would have, the knife would still be the good guys. The knife was a crucial element in keeping the darkness locked in and was a key that the bad guys needed to open. We are still unsure of what Malivore is exactly, but the story has consistently hinted that it is an apocalypse of some sort. Rafael may arguably be young and naive, but he seems to lack responsibility for his pack. 


Infact, we rarely ever see him hang out with the pack. He's so wrapped up in his personal life, the pack usually takes a backseat. It's not that as a character he's not loyal or fiercely protective - we've seen the way he's always tried to get Landon out of trouble or how hard he fought to keep him at the school. However, as the wolf who beat someone else to come to power, Raf sure doesn't have his head in the right place.

Previously on 'The Originals', we've seen how hard the wolves fight to keep the pack together and to do what's best for the pack. It is true that the factions that existed in New Orleans aren't as strong as the ones in school but when trouble brews, he's either crying about his past or raging about the present. Where is the alpha we want to revere, seriously? His is the only pack in this show, so it is pretty necessary for him to be a strong character but it looks like the writers have focussed too much on making it about the Tribrid and the Gemini witches, leaving aside the fact that werewolves have led the charge in the supernatural universe when it has come to wars. 


Here's hoping that the storyline is preparing him for the war with 'Malivore' and all the feelings of guilt and vulnerability are meant to add layers to the character. He's got so much potential to shine. His loyalty is unparalleled and he is strong - stronger than most of the creatures on the show. Although vampires have their own set of skills, we know that in this universe, often bravery triumphs over all. In the last episode, we see that Alaric Saltzman has become his father figure in life and knowing Alaric, we know the boy has got a shot at life. With just 8 episodes to go and an entire chunk of Landon's storyline, Malivore war, the Merge situation as well as MG's Ripper problem, it will be a challenge to see if he lives up to his full potential - fingers crossed! 

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