Le Sserafim 'Fearless': Girl group's debut album records highest first week sales in Hanteo history

HYBE and Source Music's Le Sserafim have broken a new Hanteo sales record one week after their debut

                            Le Sserafim 'Fearless': Girl group's debut album records highest first week sales in Hanteo history
The HYBE and Source Music girl group Le Sserafim records the highest number of first-week sales with their debut album, 'Fearless' (@le_sserafim/Twitter)

Looks like Le Sserafim’s success explains why trolls were trying to tear the group down ahead of its debut. The six-member girl group from HYBE made their debut on May 2 and within days, their mini-album ‘Fearless’ was already on the top of multiple domestic and international charts. Besides, fans also noticed that the antis were trying to defame the upcoming group and its members, especially Kim Garam, hoping that the girl group would delay their debut and eventually flop.

Much to the disappointment of these trolls, HYBE and Source Music stood by their members and Le Sserafim finally made their debut, which has turned out to be a surprise hit. The mini-album and its lead single, ‘Fearless,’ became an overnight success while Le Sserafim also became the fastest girl group to enter Spotify’s song chart - Global 200. Now, Le Sserafim has broken a new record as they journey on to become the hottest girl group in K-pop.


Le Sserafim becomes the fastest girl group to enter Spotify 200 with 'Fearless'

Too sexy for K-pop? Le Sserafim's see-through outfits deemed too provocative by Korean fans

Le Sserafim debuted on May 2 with the lead single 'Fearless' (@le_sserafim/Twitter)

Le Sserafim’s ‘Fearless’ records 307k first week sales

On May 9, a week after their debut, it was announced that Le Sserafim had recorded the most first-week sales on Hanteo in the history of K-pop debut albums from girl groups. Hanteo Chart, the site that records the album sales of K-pop releases, reported that ‘Fearless’ recorded a total of 307,450 copies sold within the first week of its release. 

This also makes Le Sserafim the fastest girl group to have 300k plus copies of their debut album sold. They have also set a new record for the most debut album sales by a girl group. This record is based on the first week of sales and has put the six-member girl group in the ninth place in K-pop history in terms of debut album sales, proving to trolls how Le Sserafim really is fearless. Meanwhile, among all K-pop girl groups, Le Sserafim is one of only six to have sold over 300,000 copies during their initial Chodong period.

Le Sserafim sold 176,861 copies of 'Fearless' on the day of release, setting a new record for the highest sales on the first day among the debut albums of all K-pop girl groups and subsequently added 65,409 copies the next day, with a cumulative sales of 242,270 copies in just two days. The lead single ‘Fearless’ also charted on domestic and international charts immediately after its release while all other songs on the album were ranked on the top of multiple music sites like Bugs and Japan's Line Music. In particular, 'Fearless' also ranked at Number 7 on Line Music's Daily Top Songs chart immediately after its debut, showing the girl group's shocking international popularity with their debut.

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