Le Sserafim's Kim Garam personally addresses bullying controversy: 'It’s difficult to say anything'

Le Sserafim's Kim Garam personally addresses bullying controversy: 'It’s difficult to say anything'
Hours ahead of her debut, Le Sserafim’s leader Kim Chaewon and Kim Garam talk to reporters about the school bullying controversy Garam was embroiled in (@le_sserafim/Twitter)

HYBE’s first-ever girl group, Le Sserafim (Lesserafim) finally made their debut with their first mini-album, ‘Fearless’ with two tracks produced by none other than HYBE Labels’ founder, Bang PD (Bang Si-hyuk). Now as the album as well as the lead single of the same name top charts and break records, fans are discussing the bullying controversy that overshadowed Le Sserafim’s debut. Despite having two former IZ*ONE members in the girl group, ahead of their debut, Le Sserafim was hounded by a school bullying controversy involving the group's center, Kim Garam.

Fans who quickly rushed to support Garam were also spoofed after more and more allegations surfaced around Garam. Despite HYBE and Source Music making it clear that any allegations made against Garam will be met with legal repercussions, newer rumors continued to surface. This, added with HYBE’s silence added to the apprehension amongst fans so much so that many Le Sserafim and IZ*ONE fans wanted Kim Garam to be kicked out of the girl group ahead of their debut so as to refrain from tainting the image of the other five members.


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Kim Garam addresses the bullying controversy

Even after such a huge controversy around her, HYBE did not release any statement about the issue and it seemed like the controversy had fizzled out. On May 2, ahead of their debut, the Le Sserafim members, including Kim Garam gathered for their debut press conference and a comment about the controversy was inevitable. While the other members were asked questions pertaining to the debut as well as their past activities as idols for members Chaewon and Sakura, the question directed to Garam followed the bullying controversy.

It was reported that Kim Garam appeared headstrong and fierce on her debut stage as she stood in front of the reporters with an honest and confident appearance. Reports suggested that when she was asked about the controversy that came up before her debut, Kim Garam calmly said, “It’s difficult to say anything about this at the moment.” She also promised, “I will work hard as a member of Le Sserafim.”

After that comment, just as the leader of any K-pop group would, Le Sserafim’s leader Kim Chaewon added, “I think the company will have an opportunity to talk about this in more detail later.”


‘They jealous of her?’

While fans are still waiting on more updates from HYBE, they are gushing about how Kim Garam was essentially proven innocent after the label issued a legal warning while other fans seem to be apprehensive about their stance as fans of the girl group due to the sensitive bullying controversy around Garam. One fan said, “The funniest thing abt the bullying rumors w kim garam is that the photos were claiming to be of her looked Nothing like her like completely diff facial structure nose eyes and eyebrows. This why i dont take anything seriously.” Another fan said, “I'm confused why haters hate her or they jealous of her??? Also "bullying" the way they blaspheme the old way is outdated.”

Another fan said, “Really glad that kim garam bullying accusations are proven to be false and the evidence and motivations are pretty legit doubt hybe really that stupid to debut someone without background checking.” One fan said, “Y'all have to stop with your bullying accusation in idol, why it necessary for Y'all to do that look kim garam the accusations was proved false why Y'all keeps talk in bout that have a life stop just check their MV, and that bullying.”

On the other hand, one user said, “Fearless is a really strong debut song and I like it better than O.O but its a no for me because they let kim garam debut despite the bullying allegations.” Another user said, “It’s so wild to me how y’all chose to believe hybe like that about the Kim Garam bullying thing. of course they were going to protect her. there was tons of proof and it’s disgusting how y’all turn a blind eye bc of the visuals when y’all have known that girl for A MONTH.”







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