Le Sserafim Kim Garam's alleged victim says Source Music suing her, fans call it 'deserving'

Le Sserafim Kim Garam's alleged victim says Source Music suing her, fans call it 'deserving'
Le Sserafim's alleged victim reports being sued by HYBE and Source Music (@le_sserafim/Instagram)

As the debut of Le Sserafim approaches, HYBE and their subsidiary Source Music are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to protecting their trainee Kim Garam. It has been reported that an alleged victim of Le Sserafim member Kim Garam has reported on Twitter that Source Music has sued them. Le Sserafim (aka Lesserafim) is soon going to make their debut on May 2, but a few weeks ago, the girl group’s first introduced member was embroiled in a series of controversies. Multiple individuals alleged that Kim Garam was a school bully and there were multiple images posted online that made fans of the girl group concerned about Garam’s character.

Le Sserafim fans also noticed that HYBE and Source Music promptly put an end to all the allegations against the rookie member but despite HYBE’s stern warning, there were more victims that further made other severe allegations, mostly baseless with little to no firm evidence. All these issues had fans of the group really concerned, so much so that it was fans of other members of Le Sserafim, especially former IZ*ONE members Sakura and Chaewon, who wanted HYBE to put an end to the controversy.


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Kim Garam’s alleged victim reports being sued

On April 21, the online community Pannchoa reported that Kim Garam’s alleged victim had replied to a tweet from Source Music. Back when the scandal first surfaced, Source Music immediately issued a notice refuting all the allegations against Garam. That was also when Source Music warned malicious commenters that the label will sue anyone who falsely accuses Kim Garam considering she was still a minor. Despite all this, since the unaccounted allegations against Kim Garam continued, it seems as if Source Music is actually doing something about the issue.

The user quote retweeted Source Music’s announcement and stated in Korean that they had been sued by the label and it was their parent that called them to inform them about the legal charge. Fans of the group on the other hand wonder if this is totally true considering the lack of a statement from HYBE or Source Music. Meanwhile, due to no follow-up announcement from Source Music, fans are wondering what is being done to rectify the maligned reputation of Kim Garam, while fans of other members wished for Garam to be kicked out of the group altogether.

The now-deleted tweet from an alleged victim of Kim Garam which was posted online (Pannchoa)

'As they should'

Fans rushed to support Kim Garam and were proud of Source Music and HYBE for defending the Le Sserafim member. One fan said, "It's how yall act like kim garam is also not a minor, if this person claims everything that she was bullied and everything she said its true go prove it in court cause hybe won't sue you for just nothing, knetz are just some hypocrites and totally full of s**t."

Another fan supported Garam saying, "The people saying theyre “disgusted” are the same people that’ll probably keep saying h4te comments on the internet. Hybe won’t def just sue if that person is innocent. lmao stupid." One fan said, "As they should."

One fan said, "PLS WATCH AND SPREAD THIS VIDEO. THE ACCUSATIONS GOT DEBUNKED ALREADY. GARAM WAS ALREADY PROVEN INNOCENT." Another fan said, "Thats literally harrassment like minor or not they deserve to be sued." While there were also antis that did not like this as one user said, "And f**k her and ofc the company for putting school students under pressure and stress." Another user accused, "Yall let lia and hyunjin debut, known bullies who cares atp."











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