Porn star Lana Rhoades slams mystery NBA baby daddy, as fans say it's either Blake Griffin or Kevin Durant

Porn star Lana Rhoades slams mystery NBA baby daddy, as fans say it's either Blake Griffin or Kevin Durant
Fans suspect the father of Lana's child is either Blake Griffin (L) or Kevin Durant (R) (Sarah Stier/Getty Images, @lanarhoades/Instagram, Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Lana Rhoades, a former adult film actress, has added to rumors about the father of her child in the wake of a video in which she criticizes the mystery dad. The Internet star posted a video on Instagram on Thursday, September 1, in which she calls out an unnamed NBA player.

The 25-year-old lip syncs to a TikTok audio meme in the video, which Rhoades posted to her social media accounts. In the original TikTok, the poster laments that her partner brings home cocaine. Rhoades has compared this to the difficulties she seems to be having with the father of her child. Fans have made assumptions about the 8-month-old's father, with most linking Rhoades to two NBA players: star players Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin of the Brooklyn Nets.


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The former porn star says in the video while holding a young child in a diaper likely her son Milo, "I swear to God I thought NBA players were nice guys." Rhoades continued to bash the ex wearing a bodysuit and a white skirt, saying, "Next thing you know, I'm pregnant, and he told me to go f*** myself."

In a previous episode of her '3 Girls 1 Kitchen' podcast, Rhoades described her date with an NBA player, noting that he had the astrological sign of Libra. Durant, a two-time NBA Champion, and two-time NBA Finals MVP is the only Net from the time period described who is a Libra. She did, however, add during the podcast that the man she went on a date with already had children. Griffin, who has previously been linked to Kendall Jenner and Kate Upton, has two children with his ex-fiancée Brynn Cameron while Durant has no children. 

Others doubted it was her on-again, off-again boyfriend Mike Majlak, who co-hosts a podcast with Logan Paul. Majlak, who has never played professional basketball, denied being the father, while Paul speculated that the father was a former NBA player.

Paul revealed who the player was while speaking with Charlamagne tha God on his Impaulsive podcast, but his mouth was censored and bleeped out. "Wow!" was all Charlamagne could say. Majlak mentioned on the same podcast that Rhoades was "doing well" and had a baby with a "big-time NBA player."


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