Lana Rhoades hints at Kevin Durant as she says 'Libran' Nets star brought backup on date

Former porn star Lana Rhoades claimed that this person in question was a Libra, and reportedly, the only Libra on the Brooklyn Nets roster is Durant

                            Lana Rhoades hints at Kevin Durant as she says 'Libran' Nets star brought backup on date
Lana Rhoades (R) has hinted at Kevin Durant during podcast that he brought date backup (Elsa/Getty Images, Instagram/lanarhoades)

Professional basketball player Kevin Durant is possibly receiving some bad press from a former porn star. Lana Rhoades, on Monday, June 7, admitted that she had recently made a trip to New York and a Brooklyn Nets player put her up in a skybox at the Barclays Center with a few of her friends. She claimed that this player had also brought a backup date.

On the ‘3 GIRLS 1 KITCHEN’ podcast — as per Apple Podcasts, “a show for the internet age. Filled to the brim with not only food, but a recipe for disaster” — Rhoades did not take the name of the Nets player who invited her for dinner. However, she claimed that this person in question was a Libra, and reportedly, the only Libra on the Brooklyn Nets roster is Durant — he was born on September 29, 1988.


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Who is Lana Rhoades?

Born Amara Maple on September 6, 1996, in Chicago, Rhoades is a former pornographic actor, a podcaster, a model, and an influencer. On Monday’s episode of her podcast, she said, "The guy who invited me also invited one of the other girls and this isn’t the first time that this has happened to me, that — where I’ve been invited on a date and they also invite a backup option.”

Rhoades added in the podcast that the player was boring — so much so that she had to leave. "We ended up leaving dinner, not because of that situation because, at that point, you’re already friend-zoned, I don’t give a f**k who you’re talking to, the date was really boring… I don’t want to be mean but me and this guy just didn’t click and I’m like what’s your favorite this, what’s your opinion on this, and he was just like, I don’t have opinions on anything, I don’t have favorite anythings."

She also said that the NBA star was being serious and wasn’t just saying that to shut down the conversation. “I just felt… he’s not spicy enough for me," she explained. 

Kevin Durant #7 of the Brooklyn Nets reacts in the second half against the Miami Heat at Barclays Center on January 23, 2021 in New York City (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Last year, on another podcast — ‘Call Her Daddy’ — Rhoades talked about her younger years and how she got caught up with the wrong circle, which ended in her landing in prison. “I was just with people who were doing stuff. Basically, I had a boyfriend and he had friends — shady people, they were older than me. They break in houses, they do all that type of stuff and I was just with them,” Rhoades said, explaining that she didn’t take anything for herself and didn’t make money from it.

On the ‘ImPaulsive’ podcast with Logan Paul and Mike Majlak, she also revealed that she had spent over a year in prison and had only been 16 when she was put behind bars. She said, “Going to prison was probably the best thing that ever happened to me because I was on such a bad path in my life.”

She also said that she had been arrested 20 times prior to her entering prison and did “hardcore drugs” like heroin when she was younger. “I never really did drugs again after I got out, I barely drink, never committed a crime after. I think I wouldn’t be where I am today if I wouldn’t have went [sic],” Rhoades said. “It saved me.”

On June 1, she announced that she was expecting her first child, with her due date in early 2022.

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