Blake Griffin says he doesn't owe ex fiancée anything in palimony

Blake Griffin says he doesn't owe ex fiancée anything in palimony
Blake Griffin (Source: Getty Images)

Blake Griffin has responded to ex fiancée Brynn Cameron's lawsuit alleging that he dumped her and their two children for supermodel Kendall Jenner. In response, the basketball player slammed the claim and asked the court to ignore the palimony amount expected of him.

Brynn, 31, said in her lawsuit filed on February 14 that he "abandoned his family because he cared more about the glamour of being a Hollywood celebrity than being a father and family man." She also alleged that Blake's relationship with Kendall "embarrassed" the family

In his lawsuit, the NBA star denied his ex-fiancée's claims, including her palimony request, according to TMZ. Blake asked the court to throw the case out after Brynn alleged that she gave up her career after he promised to take care of her financially.

Brynn's lawsuit, filed by celebrity lawyer Bryan Freedman, also states that she repaired tension between him and his teammates and took on various other roles of a fitness consultant, manager, marketing assistant, etc in addition to being a mom to their two kids. It's still unclear how much money Blake is being sued for but Daily Mail claimed that Brynn has perhaps asked for a sizeable chunk of his $173 million contract, signed last June. 

A source, however, said that Blake and Brynn's relationship had been on and off for several years. The source added that he embarked on a relationship with Kendall only after ending his relationship with Brynn. Furthermore, Kendall is reportedly confused as to why she's a part of the lawsuit at all.   

"Kendall just doesn't understand the need to drag her into a dispute between two people that absolutely had nothing to do with her," the insider told US Magazine. 

In her February filing, Brynn alleged that their kids and she are cash-strapped and homeless. She also claimed that she'd been living off her brother's financial support. At the same time, Blake's earnings ranged at about $200 million between his NBA contract and endorsement deals, Daily Mail claimed.


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 Blake Griffin says he doesn't owe ex fiancée anything in palimony