Did Lala Kent and Randall Emmett break up? 'Vanderpump Rules' star unfollows fiance

Fans are divided over whether Lala Kent and her baby daddy have really split up or are just pulling a publicity stunt

                            Did Lala Kent and Randall Emmett break up? 'Vanderpump Rules' star unfollows fiance
'Vanderpump Rules' star Lala Kent and her fiance Randall Emmett (Randall Emmett/ Instagram)

Just days after a picture of Hollywood producer Randall Emmett with other women in Nashville began doing rounds, his fiancee and 'Vanderpump Rules' star Lala Kent took to her Instagram to wipe her page clean of her baby daddy's pictures. The couple even seems to have unfollowed each other on the popular photo-sharing platform. 

An Instagram account called GirlGangz7733 posted pictures of a man dressed in all black, and walking alongside two females. The account revealed that the person who sent in the pictures said, "Saw Randall last night with two girls in Nashville that [were] not Lala. He tried to hide when we recognized him.” Although neither Lala nor Randall made any statement about the pictures doing rounds on the Internet, the reality star sparked rumors of break up after she deleted all of his pictures from her Instagram, while Randall's page still has pictures of the couple.


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Fans are divided over whether the couple really split up or are just pulling a publicity stunt on a Reddit thread about them. Lala recently posted a brief clip of her walking in the hallway of what looked like a hotel with Beyonce's song 'Sorry' playing in the background. A user who is convinced that the couple is pulling a publicity stunt wrote, "It’s probably all of the above. Ticket sales aren’t what they should be (because there’s still a fucking pandemic but also how many fans do they really have) and they’re obviously in one of their fights where she deletes everything and he bribes her to calm down/stay on the show. Every time she pulls this sh*t it’s a stunt, if it might help ticket sales this time as well, why not. These two deserve each other." Another user expressed, "My guess it just that she’s playing the “you lost me/ you’ve got a lot to do to make it up to me” card just to have the upper hand with rand. That means lotsss of attention and gift$s. She knows how rand is so this is likely not shocking lol." "Even the cheating can’t be kept private. Let’s just throw everything out into the open and cause more drama, because that is what makes her money. So over her," added a user.

Some other users are convinced that the couple's relationship might really be over. A user expressed, "I totally believe he has cheated on her even if this specific rumor isn't true. It's going to be real annoying if she sweeps this under the rug after calling Raquel dumb for doing the same thing. Lala, wake 👏 up 👏." Another user added, "Lala for sure getting what she deserves ... you know the type and frankly once you get knocked up and lie in bed all day watching housewives and no longer are the hot side piece giving him attention AND treated him like sh*t.. HE moves on!"


Lala and Randall went official when they were first spotted together during New Year's in 2017, shortly after Randall split with his wife, actress Ambyr Childers. However, rumors of their dating had sparked much earlier when it was alleged that they were having a secret relationship while Randall was still married. It certainly took a toll on Lala's career, who had to quit the Bravo reality series midway through the fifth season while she had only joined the show in the fourth season in 2015. Her decision to quit the show came after she was accused by her co-stars of dating a married man. However, Lala did return for the Season 6 reunion. The couple got engaged in 2018, and were planning to get married in 2020, but had to cancel their plans due to the pandemic. They recently welcomed their first baby together.  

None of the parties involved, have confirmed the break up or issued any kind of statement. 

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