'Vanderpump Rules' star Lala addresses beef with Raquel while Lisa weighs in on the braless waitresses debate

'Vanderpump Rules' star Lala addresses beef with Raquel while Lisa weighs in on the braless waitresses debate
Lance Bass, Lisa Vanderpump, Lala Kent and Randall Emmett (Getty Images)

'Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen' returned on Bravo with another episode of an "at home" edition. Pumping up the volume on the episode were 'Vanderpump Rules' castmates Lisa Vanderpump, Lala Kent and her fiance Randall Emmett and Lance Bass. 

Andy kicked off the episode by enquiring about the LVP Dog Foundation given the coronavirus update. She assured him that the animals are doing okay.

For the 'From Your Personal Vault' segment Lisa brought out a photograph of her granny Nanny K who was a nurse and was instrumental in helping people during an outbreak that plagued the public during her time. Lisa mentioned that the photo gives her hope and strength in these times.

Lala and Randall pulled out a call sheet from an Irish film they were shooting in New York City that is the most affected state in the US due to the coronavirus.

Lance brought out his moon man trophy from the MTV Movie Awards that also doubles up as his toilet paper dispenser. He got the idea of bringing out the award after John Mayer showed off his Grammy in an episode last week. 

Now viewers who watch 'Vanderpump Rules' might know about the fight between Lala and Raquel in last week's episode. The former was very mean to Raquel and spoke about putting her in "her place".


A viewer sent in a question for Lala asking why she thinks she is above Raquel. Lala responded saying that she is guilty of what went down between them now that she watched the episode and realized she was too rude. She also mentioned that she and Raquel have moved on from that incident and there are no ill feelings there. 

Lala had also compared herself to Michael Vic's fighting dogs and called Raquel a chihuahua in the previous episode leaving fans and animal right advocates seething with anger.


Lala defended herself saying she and her mother both work really hard towards rehabilitating animals and those were just words and just that she says stupid s**t all the time and people should not read too much into it.

Lisa herself stepped into the conversation and said it was just stupid stuff Lala said and didn't really mean it. 

Coming to Lance, Andy mentioned that he was surprised that Justin Timberlake appeared on his podcast and spoke about N-Sync for the first time in years. Lance looked really proud of this feat that he'd achieved and also revealed that the entire band has "happy hours" every week over zoom calls nowadays. 


Later on in the episode, Andy asks Lisa if there's a big debate going on whether waitresses should wear bras or no. She agreed with Andy when he said: "If you have the perfect tits, let them fly." 

'Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen' airs Sunday to Thursday on Bravo.


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