'Labor, Lies and Murder': 5 things to know about Lifetime's thriller drama

An anxious mom hires a doula to assist her during the delivery. Unfortunately, she does not have the worried mom's best interests in her mind

                            'Labor, Lies and Murder': 5 things to know about Lifetime's thriller drama
Official poster of 'Labor, Lies and Murder' (Lifetime)

Lifetime's 'Labor, Lies and Murder' features brilliant stars like Brooke Burfitt and Jason Burkey. The movie revolves around a pregnant lady who is scared that someone wishes to steal her baby. She wants to get a home birth and with this thought, she hires a doula. However, as the days for her delivery near, her dread begins to deepen.

So, how will she manage every challenge for her baby? However, if this story excites you, you can also binge on other thriller movies from Lifetime such as 'Deadly Ex Next Door', 'Killer Stepmom', and 'Deadly Garage Sale.'


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When will 'Labor, Lies and Murder' be released and where can you watch it 

The thriller movie will be airing on January 8, 2022, at 8 pm EST. You can watch the movie on the Lifetime channel.

What is 'Labor, Lies and Murder' all about 

"Pregnant Hailey hires a doula to assist with her home birth, but then learns alarming news about her from another expecting mom. Unsure who to trust, Hailey must stay ever alert to the threat of someone set on stealing her baby," states the official synopsis.

Who stars in the upcoming 'Labor, Lies and Murder'

'Labor, Lies and Murder' stars Brooke Burfitt, Lauren Buglioli, Jason Burkey, Gina Hiraizumi, Poppy George, Rowan Vickers, Paige Hallett, Kathi DeCouto, Rachel Sawden and Grae Minors 

Brooke Burfitt

Brooke Burfitt is an actress and radio presenter who was born on December 23, 1988. The actress appeared in her debut film in the year 2012 titled 'On The Ropes.' After that, she has featured in movies like 'The Soft Touch', 'Pulp', 'The Catch', 'Plan Z', 'By Any Means', 'Most Wonderful', and 'Maternal Secrets.'In the upcoming Lifetime movie 'Labor, Lies and Murder' she will play the role of Hailey. She is the daughter of crime thriller scriptwriter Louise Burfitt-Dons and retired captain Donald Burfitt- Dons. While talking about her personal life she is married to Rhys Williams and has a daughter. 



The movie is directed by Ryan Dewar. Clark Phillips-Janssen is the creative writer of the movie. The list of executive producers includes Brooke Williams, Fiona Williams and Rhys Williams. 



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