Who is Liliana Carrillo? LA mom, 30, who fatally stabbed her 3 children aged 6 months to 3 years arrested

The grandmother of the three children called 911 after she discovered the children dead at an apartment complex in Reseda

                            Who is Liliana Carrillo? LA mom, 30, who fatally stabbed her 3 children aged 6 months to 3 years arrested
Liliana Carrillo allegedly abandoned her car and carjacked another vehicle (LAPD/Twitter)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: A 30-year-old woman named Liliana Carrillo was arrested for allegedly killing her three young children in the San Fernando Valley neighborhood of Reseda, Los Angeles. Carrillo was on the run for several hours before she was taken into custody in the Ponderosa area of Tulare County, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said.

The law enforcement agency got to know about the horrifying killings after the children’s grandmother found the children slain in their LA apartment on Saturday morning. The grandmother also told the police that the children’s mother was nowhere to be seen and could have been the culprit.


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Police officials responded to a radio call from the 8000 block of Reseda Boulevard around 9:30 AM on Saturday, April 10, and discovered the bodies of three young children – ages 3, 2, and 6 months – inside.


Los Angeles Police Department (YouTube/CBS)

Who is Liliana Carrillo?

Carrillo has been a resident of Reseda for a while now and people are in disbelief that something like this has happened in their neighborhood. According to LAPD, Carillo displayed “erratic behavior” before she was captured in Tulare County. The law enforcement agency also revealed that Carrillo was receiving “medical treatment” for unspecified reasons.

Additionally, LAPD said they received reports of Carrillo driving her vehicle and heading north on Interstate when she got in an altercation in the Bakersfield area of Los Angeles. Carrillo then allegedly abandoned her car and carjacked another vehicle, the police said.


The police also confirmed that Carrillo is the “sole suspect” in the case. On the other hand, her relatives are also being questioned by the law enforcement authorities. “These are the moments we carry throughout our career. It’s hard to process that as a police officer,” LA Times quoted Lt. Raul Joel saying at the crime scene.

Reseda, Los Angeles (YouTube/CBS)

The entire neighborhood is really scared after learning about the gruesome killings. Elizabeth Cuevas, a neighbor of Carrillo, told the Los Angeles Times that she interacted with the three children and their grandmother during afternoon walks.

Cuevas also revealed that one of the children really loved her dog and always asked if she could pet her chihuahua. “She was a perfect little angel. She was precious beyond what you could imagine,” Cuevas said. The neighbor also noted that the girl was the middle child of the three. Meanwhile, the other two children were boys.

Talking more about the family, Cuevas revealed that she never heard any “yelling” coming from the apartment and never saw police responding to the unit before Saturday. “They were beautiful. An angel shouldn’t have to go that way. Somebody snapped there, and they snapped in the wrong direction,” Cuevas told the police.

Anyone with information in the case is advised to call the police at (213) 486-6890.

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