LA school accused of 'hate speech' for 'f*ck the police' posters, BLM, pride flags

LA school accused of 'hate speech' for 'f*ck the police' posters, BLM, pride flags
Alexander Hamilton High School in LA is being slammed for classroom photos that show pride, BLM flags and 'F*ck the Police' posters (Twitter: @DefendingEd, Google street view)

A Los Angeles high school is drawing severe negative criticism online after photos of anti-police posters, LGBTQ+ and BLM flags displayed inside classrooms went viral. The photos, which showed flags, posters, and other symbols associated with left-wing activism, were shared by a parent to an activist group of parents, who in turn tweeted them through their official Twitter accounts. These photos have since drawn major flak against Alexander Hamilton High School.

Many have argued on Twitter that the photos were posted without the necessary context and could have been part of a student project or some similar school assignment. However, others saw a defined pattern of schools and academic institutions being the hub of leftist ideology. Several schools and teachers across the US have been called out for allegedly imposing "liberal ideals" on pupils. Previously, California teacher Kristin Pitzen was heavily slammed online after her TikTok video bragging how she's instructed students to swear allegiance to the LGBTQ+ flag went viral. Newberg High's Gail Grobey also made headlines for removing the American flag from her classroom in retaliation to the school district's ban on pride and BLM flags. The LA high school is also under fire for fostering pro-BLM, pro-LGBTQ+ and anti-police sentiments. 


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The activist parents run a nonprofit organization called "Parents Defending Education" (PDE). They describe themselves in their Twitter bio as a group that aims to empower "parents to advocate for classrooms that educate – not indoctrinate." In their tweets of the original photos from the high school's classroom, one flag can be seen emblazoned with the world "F*** the Police." The photo also shows the American flag draped around a piece of furniture while a Palestinian flag and a poster shaming Americans for seizing "native land" adorn the walls of the classroom.

PDE captioned the tweet: "History class at Alexander Hamilton High School in Los Angeles Unified Schools". In response, the Los Angeles Unified School District responded with a statement wherein they stated they require all students and adults to refrain from using slurs and speak respectfully. They continued: "Across the nearly 630,000 students and about 30,000 teachers district-wide, individual teachers decorate their rooms in a variety of ways, with some decorations being directly tied to or in support of our district curriculum, while others are inclined to adorn based on their freedom of expression and individuality." 


Social media users however aren't convinced that the school is innocent. There were some who suggested on Twitter: "In general, I'm very against this. However, I don't know if these things were posted as part of a discussion or as statements/decorations in the classroom." But others straight up argued, "How isn’t this hate speech?" Others slammed the unidentified teacher whose classroom had the unconventional display. "Sounds like this person.....will not call them a teacher......was dropped multiple times as a baby and was not given attention. Wow. Teacher? Yeah right."

Several people agreed with the above narrative. "Absolutely, those kinds of posters should be taken down. The teacher who thought that was appropriate should be evaluated to determine if he shares the same values as the parents who entrust their children to the school where he’s employed." Others asked: "What happened to teaching peace and kindness? This is hate speech not what I want instilled in my child. Without police we would live in absolute chaos. People would be committing crimes, robbing you, sexual assault, how would you protect your family? We need to fix not abolish." And one user declared: "Do you ever get the feeling that some people would be much happier if they moved to another country? This is a classic example."







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