Antwan Ruffin: Shocking video shows school employee punch 7th-grader on shoulder

Ruffin was released after posting bail but social media is in a frenzy wondering if its safe to send their children to school with these employees

                            Antwan Ruffin: Shocking video shows school employee punch 7th-grader on shoulder
Antwan Ruffin was arrested and reportedly fired for attacking a seventh-grader (Miami Dade Police, Twitter: @kloutkovain)

A shocking video taken at a middle school in Florida captured a school security monitor punching a seventh-grade student. Identified as Antwan Ruffin, the employee has since been arrested and fired from the school for attacking the pupil on the shocker. WSVN reports the incident occurred on Thursday, August 26 and was captured in a cell phone recording where Ruffin can be seen shoving the child. 

News of this comes amidst a spate of school employees fired and penalized for radical reasons, such as rants against anti-vaxxers and public announcement of anti-mask opinions. A California teacher is also being investigated for bragging on Tiktok about removing the American flag and putting up the LGBTQ++ pride flag before instructing students to pledge allegiance to it. Another Albuquerque teacher was fired after students found her porn film during a tenure lecture. Ruffin's act of violence has also earned him severe flak online as parents are now questioning the hiring process employed by schools they send their children to.


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Antwan Ruffin seen grilling the unidentified student (Twitter: @kloutkovain)



The video caught of Ruffin attacking the child, opens with the monitor telling the pupil, "Try me." WSVN reports Ruffin as a 6 feet 7 inches tall man, weighing 220 pounds, towering over the seventh-grader he got into an altercation with. “When the bell rings, you’re in my hallway," Ruffin warns the child before shoving him, as seen in the video. When the unidentified student says something inaudible in response, the 40-year-old Ruffin begins screaming at him. “Bring them all,” Ruffin yelled at the student, indicating the boy's father and uncle. “I ain’t scared of none of them. Bring them all," he adds.

Ruffin can then be seen asking the child whether he wants a phone to call his family, but he follows that up with a punch on the kid's right shoulder. He later holds the boy by his backpack and escorts him down a flight of stairs. The outlet reports that Ruffin was later arrested by Miami-Dade Schools Police and also charged with child abuse with no great bodily harm and battery. After posting his bail, he was released the same night from jail.

The Miami-Dade Public School district also issued a statement, that read: “Miami-Dade County Public Schools is deeply troubled and saddened by the actions of this individual, as they are not representative of our caring and supportive workforce.” The school district also revealed that disciplinary actions will be taken against Ruffin, including his dismissal. Social media however is not entirely convinced that this is all it would take to ensure the safety of their children in schools.

"This is Antwan Ruffin, a 40 year old man hired by Miami Dade Schools to protect your children. He decides to beat one up instead. What screening process did he go through? Children are being subjected to dangerous people in South Florida Mask Schools," tweeted one user, sharing the viral video of Ruffin attacking the student. Another complained: "Not good enough that he loses his job, he needs to go to jail."

Others shared the video and asked, "You’re whole grown man hitting a kid. Hot breath mf." Some were curious, "i wanna see what happened after this. did the kid dad or uncle come beat that teacher ass". And others declared, "Oh man if a teacher ever smacks my kid I’m coming down there to re-educate them".






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