Kylie Minogue looks madly in love as she poses for a romantic picture with boyfriend Paul Solomons

Kylie Minogue is not holding back from showing the world the love shared between her and Paul as she posts an adorable picture on Instagram.

                            Kylie Minogue looks madly in love as she poses for a romantic picture with boyfriend Paul Solomons
Kylie Minogue (Source:Getty Images)

Kylie Minogue is happy and in love and she is not hiding that from the world. The singer took to Instagram on Monday (July 2) to share an adorable picture of her and her boyfriend Paul Solomons. The picture showed the pair looking into each other's eyes as they stood on the balcony. "I love NY," Kylie captioned the picture. Seems like Kylie is getting over the heartbreak she felt after ending things with Joshua Sasse.

Kylie and Paul were reportedly set up by shared friends in February, a year after she and Joshua ended their engagement. Paul is the creative director at British GQ and GQ Style magazine. Kylie, as close friends disclose, is quite happy with the way things are right now and she does not want to rush into anything. She finds his attention charming and also revealed that he is quite supportive of her comeback. Paul also seems to be quite a private person and his social media appearances are few and far in between. 

Speaking to Sunday Times, the singer confessed that she had a nervous breakdown after the split. "I just wanted to stop. I knew I needed to heal physical system was compromised," she said, adding that she grew concerned of having a panic attack later. "I think it's called a nervous breakdown. I just thought 'no, no, no, no.'" The singer added that she had to recuperate by taking a holiday in Thailand. 

Luckily for Kylie, the trip was just what she needed to make herself feel better. "I think I reacted pretty quickly. I can take a nose dive pretty fast, but I won't stay there long," she added. "I'm too practical." The singer claims that taking a vacation made her feel "absolutely calm." In the same interview, Kylie opened up about her not wanting to have kids in the future. 

Of course, I wonder what it would be be a mother and look into your child's eyes...but your destiny is your destiny." She further added that she feels unhappy about the news. "It would be a lie to say there's not a bit of sadness there, but I don't get caught up in it. I can't. I mean, what can I do?" Kylie's sister, Dannii Minogue had also opened up about how the topic of having children was very sensitive for her sister.

"It's a great sadness for her, it's a great sadness for me and it's also made me really understand how blessed I was to be a mother," she said. However, Kylie is looking forward to being a stepmother. "… There's a high probability that if/when I meet someone they will have children anyway. So I could imagine being a step mum." Kylie and Joshua had gotten engaged in February 2016, but called it quits in the subsequent year, amid cheating allegations against the latter.

The pop diva allegedly kicked her former lover out of their West London home after he "grew too close to" Spanish actress Marta Milans. Even though the split had been devastating for the singer, she claims it has "been good to kind of center" her in terms of making new music. "I've learned a lot about songwriting... having two weeks in Nashville, that changed so much for me."