Kylie Minogue seems to be unlucky in love even though she has everything going for her

Kylie Minogue seems to be unlucky in love even though she has everything going for her
Kylie Minogue attends the gala evening of Dolly Parton's '9 TO 5' The Musical at The Savoy Theatre on February 17, 2019 in London, England. (Getty Images)

Her failed relationships don't define her but they have definitely taken a toll on her... and why wouldn't they? They're unfairly scrutinized by the world who claim to know who is right and who is to blame. Pop diva Kylie Minogue opened up in an interview with Red Online about how she feels about the idea of marriage at the age of 49.

She said, "I never thought I would get married. Just going through 'being engaged' seems like an experiment, because I’d never as a girl or in all my life had a vision of getting married. It’s not something I needed or wanted."

Kylie - single and happy? (Getty Images)

"My parents never brought me up with the idea of 'the big marriage'. I never had it as a goal. I thought, 'Maybe I’ve got it all wrong and I should go for it. Maybe I should do what most of the world does. It works for them.' Now I’m going to stick to my previous view. I don’t think marriage is for me."

These words sound like echoes of her ex Rupert Penry Jones, who she dated briefly in 1991, "I thought I was one of the luckiest men in the world. And to be honest I couldn’t believe it would last longer than a week. She’s an extremely free spirit." 

Kylie and Joshua Sasse (Getty Images)


Kylie, who just split from ex-fiance Joshua Sasse last year, also recently opened up about how much it took a toll on her. Rumor was that he had cheated on her with Spanish actress Marta Milans, though it was never confirmed. It was perhaps the heartache coupled with the pressure to find Mr. Right but if what she says is true, she's at a place in her life where she doesn't feel the need to pursue a man.

"I'm not in a rush. I just think it's hard full stop to meet someone where you both have the same feelings for each other. It's a minefield. But it's definitely worth it. Right now, I'm just fine," she said. Good for you, you amazing songstress, not to mention, gorgeous as hell. 

As much as she is totally eligible, the 'I Should Be So Lucky' singer seems to have bad luck when it comes to her many romantic relationships, repeatedly. Things seem well at the beginning before fizzling out or turning ugly. 

Kylie and Andres Velencoso. (Getty Images)

In 2008, before she was linked to Joshua, she dated model Andres Velencoso for a really long 5 years from 2008 to 2013.

Though it never seemed like they would tie the knot, they definitely seemed to get along. She said in a 2009, interview, "He’s the one. Sound the alarm, four years. I think I’m pretty settled." The two had flourishing careers (Andres was posing for Louis Vuitton, Chanel Allure among other big names) and there was no run of the mill issue of being overshadowed by an incredibly successful woman — but their split suggested that they were just too busy with work stating that their split was a result of "work pressures".

Kylie and Andres were said to have said goodbye on amicable terms, similar to the breakup she had with French model Olivier Martinez, 51. The five-year relationship ended, and yet again, there were rumors of his being disloyal to her during the course of the relationship.

The two jointly denied the allegations and said that they were still really close friends. This relationship was quite the rock in her life at a time when she was perhaps going through the worst phase of her life.

Kylie and Oliver Martinez (Getty Images)


She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 and she went through chemotherapy and had to even let go of a world tour because of the sickness. She even admitted that he was the one that helped her as she fought through it.

She told Elle in a 2006 interview, "On particular dark days, I'd be lying on the bathroom floor wailing and he'd say, 'Ok, honey, you can cry for just five minutes, then I'm taking you on the bike for a ride around Paris.' So I'd howl a bit more and then I'd find myself thinking, 'Hmm. Actually, a ride on the bike sounds pretty good'.

"Olli was there all the time, helping with the practical stuff and being protective. I don't like to say too much in public about Olivier as he's a very private person, but I will say that he was incredible. He didn't hesitate in canceling work and putting projects on hold so he could be with me. He's the most honorable man I have ever met." She made an incredible comeback with 'X', her 10th studio album in 2008, that had hits like 'All I See' and 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head.' 

So what goes wrong when everything feels so real and so great? Why isn't she able to find happiness? The answer may just lie in the past. 

Jason Donovan and Kylie. (Getty Images)

So before you feel sorry for Kylie, you must know she's broken hearts too. Back in 1989, she ended another 5-year-old relationship — and it surely wasn't amicable. She had been dating Jason Donovan, her co-star from the show 'Neighbours'.

The show ran for 34 seasons and the on-screen off-screen couple, Scott and Charlene, had become one of the favorites of fans at the time. Kylie hurt Jason badly as she "ran off" with INXS frontman late Michael Hutchence. In 2016, years after the split, he opened up to Mirror about the heartache that left him "devastated", that was still very much fresh.

"It was an extremely painful parting of the ways and, without doubt, I took a long time to recover from it. It was bad enough that she'd run off with anybody, but she happened to run into the arms of the greatest rock god of the period, the very guy who I secretly wanted to be."

He also admitted that "the break-up never comes up in conversation" even though they bump into each other (because he's also in the same industry). Ouch.

Michael Hutchence and Kylie. (Getty Images)


And it's not like she was apologetic about it. She said in an interview years later, saying that "It was a glorious time, I loved it."

The rocker who passed away in 1997, was still friends with her till his end. She said in a 2015 interview with BBC Radio, "I guess, I was at the perfect age, I was 21 years old, to get the butterfly wings and go out into the world and we collided at that time and I guess he just fast-tracked some of it. Anyway, it was a glorious time. I loved it." And look at Jason, who seems to still be hurting. 


Kylie and James Gooding. (Getty Images)

Kylie also dated Lenny Kravitz for sometime in 1991. But none of these splits compare to the one with model James Gooding.

They dated for three years but when they called it off, James went all out with trying to bring her down. He is said to have sold his story to the press that talked about how obsessive and terrible Kylie was.

He also predicted after photos of her surfaced with another man soon after the split, "Good luck to them. But she'll have to change if she wants it to work. I fear she's going to end up a lonely spinster with only a cat by her side for company." James, on the other hand, was accused of cheating on her not once, but multiple times. Kylie really seems to know how to pick 'em.

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