Kwon Ah-reum responds to dating NCT Doyoung, fans say 'no way it became that serious'

Actress Kwon Ah-reum and NCT's Doyoung were embroiled in a dating rumor after being cast in the same K-drama

                            Kwon Ah-reum responds to dating NCT Doyoung, fans say 'no way it became that serious'
Kwon Ah-reum to take legal action (@areummon, @do0_nct/Instagram)

With dating and relationships being a sensitive topic in K-pop, most idols keep their personal lives private. Due to the weird fanservice culture where idols pretend to be in relationships with their fans, and delusional fans who think they have a say in the idols’ lives because they spend millions on them, dating news and even rumors lead to immense hate. From EXO’s Kai, Blackpink’s Jennie to Naeun of APink fame and EXO’s Chen have been dropped by several fans for such reasons. And now the latest target happens to be actress Kwon Ah-reum who was linked with NCT’s Doyoung.

Kwon Ah-reum and NCT 127’s Doyoung were cast in the K-drama ‘To X Who Doesn’t Love Me’. The two are paired together with Ah-reum’s character being in an unrequited love story with Doyoung’s character. While NCTzens (NCT’s fandom) did not think much of the two, Ah-reum’s Instagram post on May 7 has created an uproar. The actress posted a photo of herself with a leaf and captioned it “Ddo-ing.”

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Kwon Ah-reum slams dating rumor with NCT’s Doyoung

While ‘Ddo-ing’ doesn’t mean anything and is an onomatopoeia sound, NCTzens thought she was talking about Doyoung since it is also his nickname. Some fans who liked the two together started “shipping” them which led to the rumors that the two actors were dating. However, it seems that the toxic fans have taken over Kwon Ah-reum’s Instagram post and have been cyberbullying her due to the dating rumor. It has gotten to a point, that her agency had to release an official statement.



On May 9, her agency SWMP shared that the dating rumor regarding Kwon Ah-reum and NCT’s Doyoung was false. They also added, “It's difficult to condone any acts that harm the actress's character, such as dissemination of false information, defamation, malicious rumors and slander, and personal attacks, and we plan to take all possible legal measures.” They will be taking legal action against those who created malicious rumors, as well as those spreading the rumors.


‘Sue them anyway’

NCTzens who are not on the toxic side of the fandom did not realize that the dating rumor had blown up, “Wait wtf ppl took it serious?? i feel bad for her cause what.” Another fan tweeted, “No way it became that serious. Girl get behind me.” One NCTzen commented, “Qrts saying it's not that deep???? Hellooo nctzens are crazy as hell, girly gotta protect herself as soon as possible.” Another Doyoung fan said, “Glad my girl Ah Reum will sue them anyway they deserve it. fvk them.” One added, “F**k nctzens harassing her behind the mask of ‘supporting dy’ (as if you support him in all other achievements he got) like pls save yall bs for something else. and good for her, i hope they sue a lot of people.”






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