Kristen Stewart birthday: Best movies and 3 quotes as actress turns 33

Kristen Stewart birthday: Best movies and 3 quotes as actress turns 33
Kristen Stewart turned 33 on April 9 (David Livingston/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Kristen Stewart turns 33 on April 9. The actress rose to fame with 'Twilight' in 2008 and has appeared in numerous films since. She won the Best Actress Oscar for 'Spencer', in which she portrays Princess Diana just before her divorce from Prince Charles during a particularly difficult Christmas vacation.

On her birthday, here's a short list of some of Kristen Stewart's best movies of all time.


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Kristen's portrayal of the beloved princess during one of her darkest moments in 'Spencer' wowed critics. The acclaimed role earned the actress her first Academy Award. Watch this gem for a powerful portrayal of Princess Diana and an unforgettable use of the song 'All I Need Is a Miracle'.


'Panic Room'


Although Kristen's role in the 2002 David Fincher directorial was not her first, it brought her significant attention as an actor. Kristen plays Jodie Foster's daughter in the thriller as they try to outwit home burglars in a panic room.


'Personal Shopper'


Kristen had another busy year in 2016. She was praised by critics for her performance in the thriller 'Personal Shopper', in which a woman tries to communicate supernaturally with her dead twin brother.


3 times 'Twilight' star was feminist AF

In a world that seldom takes women seriously, Kristen Stewart has often proved herself an untiring warrior for their rights. Here are some examples.

"There's a certain way of navigating communication that a woman has to do a certain amount of placating and kind of messaging personalities. We can't be as loud because then we come across as sort of abrasive whereas a guy can be extremely assertive and not be called a b***h," she told Pinkvilla in 2019.

"Women really admire each other in a way that men do not, and the whole male gaze thing versus seeing each other through our own lenses does not in any way bring sexuality into it," another quote reads. It is indeed cool to reclaim that idea of beauty and not necessarily tie it to who you want to sleep with or who you have a crush on.


"I'm expected to present myself in a certain way because I'm a public figure, but it's hard and you'll never be able to tell people who you are through the media. If you're a strong woman, you're just, for lack of a better word, a b***h," she reiterated. True, it is much easier for a man to say what he wants and not always be cute and funny.

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 Kristen Stewart birthday: Best movies and 3 quotes by the actress