Seventeen Jun’s ‘Silent Boarding Gate’: Release date, live stream, teaser and all you need to know about K-pop star’s digital album

Seventeen Jun’s ‘Silent Boarding Gate’: Release date, live stream, teaser and all you need to know about K-pop star’s digital album
Seventeen's Jun is all ready to drop a new single 'Silent Boarding Gate' on February 14 (Seventeen Instagram)

Seventeen's Jun aka Wen Junhui is coming up with a digital single album, and fans are beyond excited about the singer’s Chinese single ‘Silent Boarding Gate’ releasing this February. From date, time, live streaming updates, here are all the deets that you need to know about the digital album.

Jun debuted with Pledis Entertainment’s K-pop group Seventeen in 2015. Before that, the 24-year-old K-pop star appeared on Seventeen TV and MBC ‘Seventeen Project: Big Debut Plan’ along with other trainees of Pledis Entertainment. Junhui made his solo debut in 2018 with ‘Can You Sit By My Side’. He went on to release his first solo original soundtrack ‘Dream’ (Chinese version), which was used in Netflix's ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’.

Along with his iconic group presence, Jun is particularly popular for being fluent in Mandopop and K-pop and pursuing them simultaneously.


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Prior to Jun’s sophomore solo album ‘Silent Boarding Gate’ dropping, the singer ha shared a few teaser images as a sneak peek to the concept. The breathtaking visuals along with the innovative concept photos have totally made Seventeen fans go bonkers over the singer’s charisma. 



‘Silent Boarding Gate’ will be released on February 14, 6 pm KST.



The video teaser of the music video shows Jun staring at a sunset and melancholic guitar strums help transition the shot to the next scene where the singer is seen lying on the bed. From the teaser, it is evident that the track will be heart-wrenching, tinged in poignance but as the track is releasing on Valentine’s day, fans are excited to get a personalized gift of love from the singer.


Seventeen Jun is releasing a single 'Silent Boarding Gate' on Valentines' Day (Seventeen Instagram)

How to live stream

The digital single album ‘Silent Boarding Gate’ will be released on Youtube.



The cinematic excellence of the 16 seconds trailer with swooning visuals of Wen Junhui has made fans hearts flutter as they share their expectations from the digital single. A fan said, “the teaser is so beautiful. can’t wait for the full video”, another noted, “the color palette. the soft stars and moon aes. the shot of him laying down on the pillow. No im feeling things dont hmu unless ur wen junhui.” A fan shared, “I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS HUHU WEN JUNHUI ILY BEST BOY!”









Catch the teaser of ‘Silent Boarding Gate’ here




Stream Junhui’s ‘Crow’ here

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 Seventeen Jun’s ‘Silent Boarding Gate’: Date, How to live stream, concept teaser K-pop