Kim Kardashian gets eco-friendly 'Shark Tank' start-up trending, says it's 'just what our planet needs'

Kim Kardashian gets eco-friendly 'Shark Tank' start-up trending, says it's 'just what our planet needs'
Kim Kardashian West speaks onstage at 2019 New York Times Dealbook on November 06, 2019, in New York City (Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian is an influencer in every sense. The 40-year old model, reality star, social media star, and entrepreneur, recently took to social media to talk about another reality show that explores start-up businesses.

Being a businesswoman herself, Kardashian is always endorsing the latest and innovative products and sharing her opinions on the same. Lately, she spotted a bunch of cleaning products on 'Shark Tank' and shared her post on Twitter.

She tweeted, "Who else watches the show Shark Tank and orders the product online? I just saw these good cleaning products and I hope they work! They seem amazing and exactly what we need for our planet! Gonna send you a link to see if anyone has tried them. I want to know if they really work."

She also went ahead and ordered the Blueland eco-friendly, re-usable cleaning product range to try it at home. Sharing her intrigue on social media, Kim added, “Has anyone tried this? Sounds amazing but do they work? I just ordered it after seeing on Shark Tank! - Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products | Blueland"


To her queries, some netizens replied with positive responses, while many others gave her alternative ideas for eco-friendly cleaning substitutes.

As for the brand itself, the entrepreneurs were excited to have someone like Kardashian talking about their products and responded to her tweet.

"Yes that was us @KimKardashian! Incredibly flattered you found us and thought it was interesting enough to order. Hope you enjoy!"

ABC's 'Shark Tank' features aspiring innovators and product designers who pitch their business ideas to investors who judge the show. Also known as "sharks" on the show, these investors then negotiate on the best possible deal to invest in a business they consider to be viable and profitable.

Running for nearly 11 years and still counting, the show features some of the most fascinating business pitches from aspiring entrepreneurs across the United States. Currently, the show is on its holiday break and will be back on air on January 5, 2020.


'Shark Tank' currently airs Season 11 every Sunday at 9 pm only on ABC.

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